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Submitted By:babyjuice
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:** (1.69)

What comes after the sun rises, after it sets, but not during the day or night?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Jayo07/03/12
I like it! :)

Posted by Marple07/08/12
Excellent! It really made me think! :lol:

Posted by dangerouspie10107/08/12
Nice! I actually reviewed this one... :o i wonder why I can't get any of my teasers published....... I've tried about....ehh 7 times.

Posted by Rachel0007/27/12
[color=blue]I thought it was the letter s but i guess technically it wasnt after... :(

Posted by coinjar87607/31/12
I figured it out. Still good teaser though bj. I've submitted about a million teasers and one got approved. :D

Posted by hahamaha09/02/12
Love it! I was on it for 15 mins though... :oops: I'm not good at these but IK got it!

Posted by supernova1210/14/12
:D It's one of my favorite teasers! Nice job! :D

Posted by 30angel10011/06/12
Nice. I got it while reading it, but it was great anyways.

Posted by Thekid411/14/12
I thought it was the letter s

Posted by JJPutz12/06/12
Honestly? I thought it was me :D

Posted by Quocalimar01/09/13
ahhh nice :lol:

Posted by sofa99807/12/13
predictable, but not bad. :D

Posted by brainhurricane08/14/13
i got it right :) 'cause i knew lot's of riddles like that

Posted by LogicalMath12304/17/14
I answered magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset. *facepalm*


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