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If an alien came to Earth, when would he suspect all Earthlings to get married?

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Posted by bluetwo07/01/02
that only works in English-speaking countries =)

Posted by glennyboy0207/03/02
Good point, never thought about that

Posted by glennyboy0207/04/02
Sorry Fend for upseting you so much. I decided to go check out your teasers as they would be "real teasers" but when I clicked on your name I found out that you hadn't been bothered to submit any. I accept your criticm and I hope you continue to put how you feel in the comment boxes but i don't think you can be too judgemental until you have submitted your own teasers!

Posted by glennyboy0207/05/02
Mogmat, I'm not saying that this is a great teaser and accept your coments. BUT if you are going to comment back up your arguement. Why does it suck?? When i listen to other people ideas i can improve my own teasers, so please, help me do this!

Posted by zoltan_9007/08/02
it's okie...hey at least u tried...dunno if I've submitted ne...i think I've done one or something... :)

Posted by glennyboy0207/10/02
No worries

Posted by Fitz07/25/02
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

Posted by shop-a-holic09/01/02
hey people chill!!!

Posted by datra1609/20/02

Posted by KhRiSsY02/15/03
More of a joke then a riddle, but nice try.

Posted by Katelin11/22/03
Was this submitted under "riddle" or something? b/c I'm reading it under "trick". Bad insulting people, bad!

Posted by sweetime05/31/05
yeah my guess was "at their wedding ceremony" (seems like a good place to get married to me) ...the answer sounded like it was originally a joke?

Posted by Hrsemn406/11/07
This would require a solid understanding of english, which you can't even guarantee someone living in the USA will have. Yet another problem with illegal immigrants.

Posted by Deedee12301/14/08
Uhhhhhhhhhhh... ummmmmmmmmm... :lol: :o :x :-?

Posted by Cindzey11/05/08

Posted by quizwizAhn10/26/09
well...... for one thing, it will only fit for English-speaking countries which is NOT my country.

Posted by quizwizAhn10/26/09
The main point is DO YOU REALLY THINK THE AILIEN WILL UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? I mean, by the time the ailien gets to know what 'wed' means, it will probably know that wednesday is NOT a day when everyone gets married. Does anyone agree?


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