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Contradictory Collocations

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Collocations are words that regularly occur together in usage. For example: "crumbling infrastructure" or "sibling rivalry". Below are four collocations, pairs of words, that from a certain point of view, may seem incompatible. That is to say, the two words that make up each pair may seem to have contradictory characteristics when seen from a certain perspective. For example: "jumbo shrimp" - If "shrimp" means "a small person", then how can they be described as "jumbo" (big)?!

Fill in the missing letters to complete each collocation. If you get stuck, the hint provides a clue for each word pair.

1) c_i_ken _in_ers
2) li_ui_ _a_er
3) _ost sa_i_gs
4) _raw _in_er

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