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I Am The Very Best

Submitted By:selpy123
Fun:** (1.53)
Difficulty:*** (2.21)

I am for playing,
but not for paying.
You shall know,
when my life hits 0.
You discard me,
but you would be shuddering by your knees.
What a shame,
it will never be the same.
Though help is on the way,
and now I say,
it's the end,
now you won against your friend.
My cards of a distant game,
have pictures with a name,
a monster you can see with shock.
That fits into your pocket.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by kittygirl1909/01/12
As a weeaboo, eye figured it out immediately. I can't wait for NIGHT BLACK/DAWN WHITE.

Posted by Marple09/06/12
The last 2 lines gave it away. The words Pokemon are taken from "POKEt MONsters" (pocket monsters). :)

Posted by Quocalimar11/24/12
Pretty simple. Loved it


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