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"The town's richest man was killed late last night in a shocking murder," the reporter exclaimed from the television across the room. "Chief Graham tells us that the police are carefully investigating everything and everyone, but they have no lead suspect yet."
Chief Graham let out a sigh as he looked out the window at the reporter and the large crowd still gathered outside. "Isn't there anything better to do in this town than hang around a crime scene all day?"
"No sir," answered Detective Jefferson. "Just the bowling alley, but it's really lame."
"My nephew runs the bowling alley."
"That's right, sir! And what a lovely bowling alley it is! Fantastic...pins."
"Will you just go over the facts with me one more time, detective?"
"Well, we found Mr. Hampton's body in the deep freezer after the mailman, Chuck, called us this morning to report his suspicion that something was wrong. Normally a frozen body would be good news for us. I mean, not GOOD news, may he rest in peace! Not that I'm not happy to finally have a good case to work on! I love my job and all..."
"Get on with it Jefferson."
"I just mean I'd think a frozen body would be helpful, since freezing preserves the body and the evidence so well. But unfortunately we just can't seem to find any evidence here. He appears to have been hit in the head with a blunt object, but other than that, there's not much we can tell. We've checked the house for clues, but nothing appears to be out of place. Whoever did this was careful. We've interviewed all the people that seem to have any contact with him, his son Don, his daughter Jessica, and of course, Chuck the mailman."
"I know it's been a long day and we'd all like to go home and get some rest, but I feel like we're missing something. I want to talk to everyone one more time," Chief Graham said.

"My dad has more money than anyone in this stupid town! Anyone could have a motive to kill him, surely you don't think I did it!" said Don Hampton with a look of anger and annoyance. "My dad and I got along fine! When I came over for dinner last month he told me he was proud of me for starting my own business just like he did."
"Didn't you start your business with a huge loan that he gave you?"
"Well, yeah. But that doesn't mean it wasn't hard!"
"Did you come over often to see him?" asked detective Jefferson.
"Yeah, every couple of weeks or so. Maybe once a month. A couple of times a year. Hey, we'd see each other more often, but you know what a hermit he is. He never leaves the house, so I was the one who had to make all the effort. If you ask me, I deserve a son-of-the-year award!"

"I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S GONE!" wailed Jessica Hampton through one of her fits of tears which only seemed to come while she was being questioned. "HE MEANT SO MUCH TO ME!"
"When was the last time you saw your father?"
"Well, I haven't seen him in a while. But I just talked to him on the phone last Saturday."
"And he didn't mention anything about being murdered soon?" Jefferson asked.
Chief Graham sighed. "Great work, Detective."
"Thanks chief!"
"Um, no. He sounded fine," Jessica continued. "Look, I'm sure you're thinking I had a motive to kill my father, since I'll probably inherit a lot of money now, but I bet Don will inherit the same amount as me! Plus Don owes - or owed - dad a bunch of money that he borrowed to start his business. So he has a bigger motive than me! HE should be your suspect!"

"Wow, the love in this family is amazing. Let's see what the mailman has to say."

"I'm used to his mail piling up in the mailbox, since he doesn't like to leave his house, but every now and then I'll have a package for him. Since he does all his shopping online, he's always eager to get his packages, so when I have one he always answers the door!" Chuck insisted. "I know it's not much to go on, but when he didn't come to the door this morning, I just had a really bad feeling that something was wrong."
"Have you noticed anything else lately? Any other suspicious activity?"
"No, not that I can think of. Sorry"

The chief sat down with a sigh. "This is just great. We have a reclusive victim who hardly ever makes contact with anyone, no clues, plenty of motives, no witnesses, and a lousy detective."
"Sounds tough, chief!"
"It is, Jefferson. It is."
The chief was just going to launch into a new stream of complaints, when a thought occurred to him. He stood up suddenly. "Wait a minute! This may not hold up in court, but I sure know who we should be looking into!"
"You shouldn't end your sentences with a preposition, chief."
"Jefferson, I will literally kick you in the head."
"Sorry chief."
"Someone said something very revealing. I have a hunch that I may just be wrapping up this case sooner than I thought!"

Who accidentally alerted Chief Graham to aim the investigation in their direction?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by donaldtrumpet08/16/12
Hmm... Didn't think of that. I really liked that one.

Posted by Marple08/17/12
Wow! What a story! I didn't get the answer but it was very entertaining - well done! :D

Posted by dawnrising08/22/12
Best mystery teaser on the site!!! :wink:

Posted by hahamaha09/01/12
Well that one caught me off guard! :o

Posted by RomanG41709/23/12
Chief Graham and Detective Jefferson are an absolutely hilarious duo. You should write more teasers about them.

Posted by chessgenius11/07/12
Never thought about the reporter, great teaser

Posted by Lord_Hawk11/10/12
Amazing teaser - you have natural talent in thinking these up. :D

Posted by ursulanq11/20/12
OMG!! I spent a lot of time looking at the suspects. I didn't even think about the reporter. You have an amazing way of throwing people of!!! :D

Posted by trewq12/24/12
nice one! i totally missed it, even with the hint. :D

Posted by AnimeLuvr03/27/13
I did not see that one coming! When I saw the hint I had thought, "It's the daughter. She did it." Then when I'd seen the answer I'm like wow! :o Nice job!

Posted by BrainyRox05/01/13
REALLY awesome. Greatest job!!! I love these types of teasers, out of nowhere answers pop out! I highly appreciate this effort. You could be a detective novelist!! :D :D

Posted by AwwwSweet06/16/13
This was a very fun read. I appreciated how you didn't just put "a hint", but incorporated a little bit more of the dialogue and story. Now I'll have to keep an eye out for more of these I can have fun with. (Don't comment on that sentance; I might have to kick you in the head!)

Posted by AwwwSweet06/16/13
(err, sentence*)

Posted by fiokoenig12/14/13
This is so bad.Too much unnecessary explanations and dialog. Also, gving the characters personalities was pointless.

Posted by misting02/20/14
Good one! When I re-read the reporter's lines and the "late last night" part I had a hunch that it would be her... and I was actually right! Man, it feels good to have figured it out on my own XD Loved the narrative, too. You should make more of these!

Posted by Hello2602/11/15
:-? :oops: :cry: :( I was so sure that it was the daughter. Didn't know why, I just did. Then the answer said it was the reporter and I was all "NOOO! THAT'S NOT RIGHT! YOU LIAR!" Then I looked at what she said. :(

Posted by Neon-Skylite08/23/16
"Jefferson, I will literally kick you in the head." Best line ever.

Posted by MysteriousPony08/28/16
I absolutely LOVE this one because there are no plot holes/other answers and it's so easy to miss the answer :) Awesome teaser :)

Posted by Aviator06/20/17
Wow!! That was awesome! I defiantly didn't think of the reporter...I had guessed it was the daughter! Nice your characters! :lol:


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