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Word Chest 6 (4x4)

Submitted By:dalfamnest
Fun:*** (2.77)
Difficulty:** (1.3)

Word Chests are miniature crossword puzzles, with no gaps. e.g.

This word chest contains four words spelled horizontally and four vertically.

Clues are given, but not necessarily in order. Can you work out the eight 4-letter words and place them correctly in the chest?

Clues across:
* popular herb; pepper- or spear-
* thick, flat paving stone or piece of chocolate
* winning services (e.g. in tennis)
* where the heart is (idiom)

Clues down:
* plural of locus
* good, better, ____
* fraud, fake, fiction
* "agreed!" (in church usually)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/11/12
Got it after some thinking!

Posted by BadBunnee0204/10/14
Good one ! I gave it tops for fun. I got it because this was a great "rainy-Saturday-morning" or "driving-cross-country" game for me and the fam. Wanna play? 3x3 game. Squares are (L-R, Up-Down); 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Subsequent players can change any prior word. I'll begin with 4-5-6 (that's the middle row - left to right) 4D 5O 6G (DOG) Next ?

Posted by cutebug04/10/14
I was completely clueless. Never did these before. :oops: :oops:

Posted by HABS293304/10/14
Took a bit of time, some paper and a pen, but quite easily solvable.

Posted by BadBunnee0204/10/14
Maybe this works better. :P _ _ _ D O G _ _ _ Any next player can change any previous word(s). Next? :P

Posted by gaylewolf04/10/14
Like Cutebug I was clueless, but after seeing the answer, I know I would love to try more of these! I like the concept! Thanks! :wink:

Posted by jaycr04/10/14
Fun concept. With paper and pen it didn't take long at all. I'll have to look for more.

Posted by JoRebelRevilla04/10/14
I liked it. Was fun and made me think. thanks :D

Posted by wordmama04/10/14
I wrote down the across words as I thought of the answers, figuring that I'd have to move them around to fit the down clues correctly, but, lo! they matched perfectly just the way they fell!! (Have not looked at either the hint nor the answers.) So, I'd have to say this was easy and fun!

Posted by wordmama04/10/14
groan.... that should be or, not nor.

Posted by wordmama04/10/14
groan.... that should be or, not nor.


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