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Air Pressure

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Let's say, hypothetically, that a basketball is twice the size of a volleyball. And, a volleyball is three times the size of a baseball. So, if a basketball has 12 pounds of air pressure, how much air pressure will a baseball have?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by HABS293310/03/12
Haha, I fell or it, failed to notice the category.

Posted by babyjuice10/04/12
Oh ace :roll: are you concerned with the pressure in a baseball? I'm not... I just want to know if it will move when I throw it. It won't. I suck at throwing :laugh: JK. Loved it :D Rated full star

Posted by jcchen122910/15/12
The answer is 2 pounds of pressure (2*3=6)

Posted by abbylee12310/19/12
that one got me confused!!!!!! :P :roll: :lol: 8) :wink: :oops:

Posted by yangjun12/13/12
This is fun :D Found the answer right from the start.

Posted by Quocalimar01/19/13
Atlast my love of cutting things open has payed off. 8)

Posted by extremeblueness08/25/13
The answer is one atmosphere (1 atm), to balance out the pressure from the outside.

Posted by zembobo08/28/13
Extreme, if there is a balance between the outside and the inside then there is no pressure.


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