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The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Submitted By:Gbdf
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The sphinx wanted to know which one of the three gods stole the golden apple. Was it Horus, Anubis or Osiris?

''I didn't,'' said Horus.
''Osiris did,'' said Anubis.
''Anubis is lying,'' said Osiris.

The sphinx knew that one god was telling the truth and the other two were lying.

Who stole the golden apple?


Horus stole the golden apple. Horus and Anubis were lying. Osiris was telling the truth.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/18/12
Stimulates thinking. A good one.

Posted by Gbdf10/24/12

Posted by Tintin11/09/12
I got it right!! :D

Posted by Gbdf11/10/12

Posted by chessgenius11/11/12
Good, but i still dont get the logic behind the correct identification.

Posted by kmrutledge11/20/12
Pretty good! It made me think, but I finally got it.

Posted by Gbdf11/21/12
Chessgenius: Read the question again and again, and you will understand it. Kmrutledge: Congratz and Thanks!

Posted by spikethru411/28/12
chessgenius: Suppose Horus is telling the truth; this means the other two are lying. But if Anubis is lying then Osiris's statement is true, which is a contradiction. Therefore Horus is lying about not stealing the apple, so he is the thief.

Posted by DarthXenon02/26/13
Got it!

Posted by bunnymother06/20/13
I like these kinds of teasers.

Posted by Babe01/20/14
I got the right answer and thought Ihad figured it out, but actually it is still a mystery to me even though my theory was right. It is not the same as some of you are saying. Very confusing. :roll:

Posted by eighsse01/20/14
Very easy one. Good work.

Posted by Maggiethe8th01/20/14
'need to work on my logic skills.... :oops:

Posted by cutebug01/20/14
Good one for the younger crowd. To obvious us for others. :roll: :roll:

Posted by auntiesis01/20/14
Easy, but I love logic problems. :D :D

Posted by sree06/28/14
A gr8 one...

Posted by dewtell01/19/15
The key to many problems like this (with some # of true and false statements) is to look for statements that are directly contradictory - like Anubis's and Osiris's in this problem. Having found a contradiction, you know that one statement must be true and the other false, no matter which is which. Then use that information together with the total number of true and false statements to help figure out the rest. In this case, you know that the remaining statement (Horus's) must be false, so he must be the guilty one.


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