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Submitted By:BadBunnee02
Fun:*** (2.3)
Difficulty:** (1.91)

What common expression is shown by the following rebus; reading down cumulatively from top to bottom?

left ear
+other ear
+left eyebrow
+opposite eyebrow
+left eye
+remaining eye
+left cheek
+right cheek

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by abbylee12310/19/12
that was funny!! :roll: :lol: :P

Posted by BadBunnee0210/20/12
Thank you, Abby. Many rebuses have an amusing aspect to them and this one was so intended too.

Posted by Quocalimar11/08/12
Hella stumped, then after seeing the answer I thought "woooooooow how easy" full gear man, that was tough.


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