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Bloody Paste

Submitted By:christiangrl
Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:** (1.65)

Bloody paste and wine gone bad,
Sugar and spice within are had,
In packs it lives from day to day,
In bottles, too, it strives to stay.

What is it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
I feel so smart no. I knew it by the 1st line, but the the wine gone bad threw me for a loop.

Posted by babyjuice11/10/12
Lol cg, I LOVED it! :wink:

Posted by friendly_girl11/20/12
i didn't yet read it. after reading i am gonna comment it!!!!!!

Posted by friendly_girl11/20/12
it's nice and gud i was not able to answer it but wen i saw the answer i started smiling :) :)

Posted by kmrutledge12/01/12
Great teaser cg!

Posted by theriddler06/18/15
I especially like the last line, a reference to how ketchup is notoriously hard to get out of the bottle, "it strives to stay."


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