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A Teacher and Her Stalker

Submitted By:JimShorts
Fun:**** (3.28)
Difficulty:*** (2.13)

Detective Drosnin stopped by Ms. Gray's house to inform her that the creep who had been stalking her years ago had just escaped from prison. She seemed to take the news fairly well, and was very polite, though she didn't invite him in.

"You know how demented he is, I'm worried that he'll come after you. Who knows what he might try!" Detective Drosnin said.

"Oh, I'm sure I have nothing to worry about," she replied. But she did sound pretty nervous.

"Would you like me to assign a security detail to you?" he asked.

"Oh, no. I'm a teacher for heaven's sake! Having bodyguards following me around would just scare the students at my school."

"Well, please give me a call or send me an email if you see anything suspicious at all. In fact, send me an email later no matter what, just to let me know that you're alright."

"I will definitely do that!" Ms. Gray replied.

Detective Drosnin got in his car and started back to the station, but after only a few minutes his phone buzzed to inform him that he had an email from Ms. Gray. It read:

This morning I tried a fun new seating style for the kids during the morning assembly. I helped arrange them into rows of twenty one. The kids didn't care, but I really loved it. I liked the second column the best.

"Why on earth would I care!?" he thought to himself. But then he remembered her passion for codes and realized she may be trying to tell him something. He took a closer look at her email, and couldn't believe what he found!

Can you tell what she was trying to say?


Detective Drosnin realized that the message was not only in code, it was also the instructions on how to break the code!

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by flyfisher10/31/12
Good and fun teaser, though I figured out the code pretty quick :lol:

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
that is so freaky, i read this at night and am now scared, and WOW, that was fantastic.

Posted by Marple11/13/12
This is an excellent teaser! More like this please! :D

Posted by ursulanq11/20/12
Nice teaser, a little creepy at the end, but really creative :)

Posted by Thekid411/22/12
Creepy... :o

Posted by Feather93611/25/12
I don't understand. Why would man who wants to hurt her be in her house? Why would she told that to detective? She didn't want that detective will see him,but then she told him in email

Posted by roylaza11/27/12
Very nice, however it's not really clear whether you should count the dots, spaces, and apostrophes as well, I did this the first time and could only gather "he is" from it, than I tried to leave only the letters and got it right

Posted by Puzzle_Master01/11/13
Really creative teaser, even with the creepy plot!

Posted by GertieMarie01/24/13
I really like these. Hope to see a lot more.

Posted by izzy199805/26/13
I though it was fun. For those of you who don't understand the actual story, remember that stalkers are crazy. He may love her, but he would probably hurt her if she resisted him. She didn't tell the detective outright because he was probably behind her threatening her.

Posted by SaraGrace08/18/13
I was really confused. My heart just about stopped when I understood. :o

Posted by Yusuf198601/16/15
LIKE :oops:

Posted by Yusuf198601/16/15

Posted by Tame_Jesus10/20/16
P enis :lol: :lol:


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