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What are the Odds?

Submitted By:christiangrl
Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:** (1.83)

If you choose to answer this question at random, what are the chances you will be correct?

A) 25%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 25%

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by kitty-cat11/18/12
First comment! :lol: Great teaser, I got it simply because I read too many trick brain teasers. I saw the name in the new teasers section and luckily glanced at the category before answering. I thought it was probability at first. :D

Posted by ursulanq11/20/12
Nice one!! Of course me being me I said 25%. Aren't I amazing!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by dangerouspie10111/23/12
Awesome, cg! 8)

Posted by supernova1211/24/12
I love your teasers! They're all very creative and and perfect in every way! :D

Posted by Quocalimar11/24/12
bwuuuuuuuuuuuh. I got it wrong and still don;t get it after reading the answer. That was extremely clever.

Posted by Viper11/25/12
The correct answer is B. The question is phrased "IF you choose to answer this question at random." 50%!

Posted by kitty-cat11/28/12
But if the correct answer is B, then you DON'T have a 50% chance of getting it right. If the answer is 50%, then the answer is actually 25%, but then it would be 50, and it's an endless loop, a paradox.

Posted by christiangrl11/28/12
:lol: Thank you kitty.

Posted by Thekid412/05/12
Okay, I see the paradox, but why is the answer 0%? Shouldn't it be "there is no answer" or "paradox"? Either way, great teaser.

Posted by sarah12lizbeth12/08/12
I thought that as well, Viper. 50%. Hmmm... :-? :-?

Posted by Obilio12/11/12
cool I think, lol

Posted by sashomarine03/22/13
That's really smart :D

Posted by JQPublic04/19/13
Thanks, my brain really hurts now. :-? Great teaser. :D

Posted by SaraGrace07/31/13
I liked this one :D

Posted by kitykity1t08/06/13
this just scrambled my brain and served it with toast.Wheat toast. :-?

Posted by Babe01/06/14
I have no idea. Thi9s must be a young person's riddle. :lol: :lol:

Posted by Babe01/06/14
Oops! #9 does not belong in there. It just snuck in when I was not looking.

Posted by HABS293301/06/14
Pretty easy, but enjoyed it.

Posted by FarFetched01/06/14
The correct answer should be among the options for answering.

Posted by catmom01/06/14

Posted by dsjt01/06/14
I chose to not answer this question at random.

Posted by jandjfrench01/06/14
It seems that if I choose to answer the question at random and do answer the odds that I've correctly answered are 100% (sure thing). Just sayin'!

Posted by Zykezex01/06/14
Isn't the odds of choosing A or D 33.333...% (one out of three) 25%, 50%, 60%?

Posted by Zykezex01/06/14
I mean 33.333% choosing A or D and being correct...

Posted by spikethru401/07/14
Zykezex: The probability of picking A or D is 2 out of 4, not 1 out of 3. Don't forget that "25%" is twice as likely as the other two options because it appears twice. FarFetched: That's the trick. If the "correct answer" were an option, you'd still get a paradox, e.g. What are the chances of picking the correct answer? A) 25% B) 50% C) 60% D) 25% E) 0% ...but clearly you can pick E 20% of the time so it's no longer correct.

Posted by Zykezex01/07/14
A thought: If I couldn't see the answers, A&D are 2/4. Having seen 25% twice, my choices narrowed to 1/3. (25%, 50% or 60%). The chances of being correct are still zero as 33.333% wasn't an answer for A or D.

Posted by spikethru401/09/14
That's a fair comment, but the point is you're answering at random, so the choices are (A, B, C, D), not (25%, 50%, 60%).

Posted by ultimatecub11/30/14
Wow...that's a great teaser! I love paradoxes

Posted by Eminem06/20/15
50% is the probability

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/11/16
On second thought, this belongs in the logic category.


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