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But That's a Boy's Name!

Submitted By:Quocalimar
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Which of these names doesn't quite fit the list?


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Posted by bluejubba11/20/12
I may be wrong, but I answered Alex because it's the only one there which can be used as it is for both genders?

Posted by ursulanq11/20/12
That's exactly what I did :)

Posted by flyfisher11/20/12

Posted by Quocalimar11/20/12
I didn't think about that, but before deciding on this one as the one I submit I thought about one where all the names were dual gender, excluding one. Glad I picked the tougher one.

Posted by spikethru411/20/12
I would argue that Dan is commonly used as a shortened form of both Daniel and Danielle so Alex is not the only dual-gender name.

Posted by Marple11/21/12
Stop worrying about whether the names are dual gender! The point is that if you add the letter "a" to all the names listed (except Pete), they become girl's names. :roll:

Posted by WS200211/21/12
You can make all the names female except petes

Posted by Candi711/23/12
I know plenty of girls named alex

Posted by Quocalimar11/23/12
@Candi7 yes, and with an 'A' added you have another female name.

Posted by brazillover1111/24/12
but alana seems a little weird to me unless it is supposed to be helena but that is not just adding an A

Posted by Quocalimar11/24/12
Google it. Also I have met girls named Alana.

Posted by Thekid411/25/12
What does "Alexa" mean? Is that seriously a name?

Posted by Quocalimar11/25/12
To anyone commenting about the names, google it before you even do so. There are female names from all over the world. Ever met an Anika? It exists.

Posted by kitty-cat11/26/12
Got it. :D To the others that are saying, "But _____ name isn't common!" They all are, and I know at least one person with each name. Some of them two or three. Alana IS a fairly common name.

Posted by Babe03/29/13
I thought it was Robert because they are all one syllable names except Robert which is two. That works too, doesn't it? :D

Posted by cutebug03/29/13
I have no idea why it came to me,but I had the answer in a flash. :D :D This one is very new by the editors standards. :o

Posted by gaylewolf03/29/13
I didn't get the correct answer, but I liked that quiz! Thanks! :wink: :)

Posted by elentir03/29/13
@Babe - over half of the names on the list are multisyllabic names.

Posted by iggy3903/29/13
Got the answer right. Thought it was so obvious as i read the names. I didn't want to look at the hint because I wanted to see if I was correct, Viola!! Had fun it was the easiest one I think I have ever done and I loved it. Thanks for posting. :) :) :lol:

Posted by jordy5603/29/13
I got it on my first try


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