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Never Read It

Submitted By:dangerouspie101
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I know a story by heart, yet I've never read it. I can recite the entire story, word by word, yet I've never seen the story in my entire life.

How can this be?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Marple12/07/12
Way too easy! :(

Posted by kitty-cat12/10/12
I got the answer at first, but dismissed it, thinking that that would be much too obvious. My final answer was that it was a movie or something like that, because movies tell a story. Although, I suppose "I have never seen it" would tell you that it's not...but it was an okay, fairly easy teaser. :wink:

Posted by Obilio12/11/12
I haven't looked at the answer yet, but I'd say its because it's a verbal story you made up yourself. Fits all the criteria...

Posted by Obilio12/11/12
I over met the criteria, lol. Thanks for posting :)

Posted by Jake1012/27/12
I feel so smart. :roll:

Posted by Quocalimar01/11/13
A trick teaser if i ever saw one.

Posted by SaraGrace07/31/13
I was confused for a second but I got it now :)

Posted by sciencesteven02/09/14
Nice teaser-

Posted by ismartguy09/07/14
very nice Deepy 8)

Posted by Archet10/28/14
*totally 100% not stalking* 8) WILL THE YOU READ ME A STORY????

Posted by LaughingPotato02/11/15
At first I thought it was like a life story, but then "never seen it." :) Nice teaser! I like it!

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/10/16
This was ridiculously easy. Well then again, I was just listening to an audiobook before I read your trick.


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