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Acid in a Swimming Pool

Submitted By:sashomarine
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In a crazy game show, contestants have to willingly wade through a swimming pool full of an acidic substance to win points for their team. Five of the contestants decide to go through this acidic substance, and when they get to the other side of the pool, none of them are hurt. How is this possible?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by ThinksForFun03/30/13
So one could say this is a "ci-trick" question. :)

Posted by Boldcommander04/01/13
Lol, I said Citric Acid. Well, I guess that's still correct, since lemonade comes from lemons, and lemons have citric acid.

Posted by sashomarine04/01/13
Yep, citric acid is in lemonade, and even if it wasn't, it would still be an acceptable answer.

Posted by HABS293304/12/13
I just said "it is not a strong acid, maybe vinegar or something similar". Both lemon juice and vinegar have a Ph of about 2 so I think I was on the right track as well. Not sure which I'd rather we through - sticky lemon juice, or smelly vinegar.

Posted by kitty-cat04/13/13
Cool teaser. I wonder what show this is? :laugh: By the way, Habs, I'm weird and like the smell of vinegar.

Posted by Mad-Ade05/31/13
Lemonade is not technically an acid, it is an acidic substance. Lemonade is usually around 80% water

Posted by kittygirl1906/24/13
Drain. Cleaner. :B Seriously, who uses that emoticon but my dancestor?

Posted by sashomarine06/25/13
@kittygirl Huh? Trolls have dancestors, not humans. :wink:

Posted by eighsse07/28/13
I said acetic acid, thinking it is vinegar...but upon looking it up, vinegar is only 8% acetic acid, and it is strong enough to burn your skin. So yeah. Fail.

Posted by SaraGrace07/30/13
:lol: :lol: This one is cool. Lemonade lol

Posted by cmma83703/09/14
Easy-really really easy.but i liked it!

Posted by Dezaxa12/22/14
It would be a good idea to state that the contestants have to wade bare foot, otherwise a trivial answer is that they wear protective waders.

Posted by dewtell01/17/15
Mad-Ade: Nearly all laboratory acids are dissolved in water. A 1M solution of HCl is really nasty stuff if you get any on you, but the concentration is 1 mole of HCl dissolved in 1 liter of water (which is around 55.6 moles of water). So saying that something is mostly water doesn't mean it isn't also a really nasty acid.

Posted by brandonfave03/17/15
I guessed something to do with pH

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/10/16
This trick is really lame. I don't mean to be rude, but it is.

Posted by sashomarine01/13/17
TheRiddleTroll: Although saying you don't mean to be rude doesn't cancel out what is said before it, thank you for the criticism. I remember making this riddle when I was around 13 years old, and I have much improved since then :wink:

Posted by Hans571003/15/17
TheRiddleTroll: If you dont mean to be rude then dont be. I've seen a lot of people getting bad karma cos of bad/rude/vulgar/offensive, etc. Because of that, there user got deleted/complained at. Don't just post random garbage just to get points. its not worth it. If you dont mean what you say you dont say what you mean. I post comments that, well, if I don't like the teaser, do I say it out to the submitter and the world? No. Go to my username @ Hans5710 and look at my recent comments. Thanks for taking time to read my comment, and wish you good 😊 luck. 👍🏻! :) :p


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