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Submitted By:hermygranger123
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There are 10 lit candles on a table. A strong breeze comes and extinguishes 2 of the candles. When you come back later, you see that 1 more has been blown out.To make sure no more flames go out, you shut the window. Assuming the wind doesn't extinguish any more candles and you don't relight the extinguished candles, how many candles do you have left in the end?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BeanSC05/07/13
You got me! :D

Posted by Jayo05/09/13
Got me! :lol:

Posted by cnblue011405/18/13
OH!!!!! I thought it was 0, i forgo about the 3 that got blown out!! Tricky!

Posted by sukhan05/30/13
of ource 10.. vry simple :roll:

Posted by Mad-Ade05/31/13
lol, just did this teaser the other day on Professor Layton

Posted by HABS293306/01/13
I said 10, 3 unlit and 7 lit. I guess it depends on how long you leave them burning. I understood the question to be how many were left when you shut the window. But that was not specified, so I guess I should not have assumed it. Good one.

Posted by sashomarine06/09/13
I've already submitted a teaser much like this one...

Posted by sashomarine06/09/13
and somehow this one has much more positive feedback.

Posted by sashomarine06/10/13
Wait, sorry, nevermind. I didn't pay attention to the question closely enough. :roll:

Posted by eighsse07/28/13
Hah! Good one. I thought 10, but yeah, you said "in the end," so, yeah...good one.

Posted by starwarsfan753308/18/13
I thought 0! Didn't take the three into account :)

Posted by Babe10/28/13
Good one and we were warned it was tricky! FUN! :D

Posted by eighsse10/28/13
I loved this one 3 months ago (see above), and I still love it.

Posted by catmom10/28/13
Boy is my :oops: But it was fun!

Posted by cutebug10/28/13
Shame on anybody who missed this. A little brain use makes this way to easy. :D :D

Posted by auntiesis10/28/13
Really was too, too easy. O.K. for the grandkids. :roll: :roll:

Posted by gaylewolf10/29/13
Call me a granddaughter!!! I was WAY OFF :oops: :roll: :lol: :lol:

Posted by charlottes-odd12/23/13
The answer is three because.... Aliens.

Posted by ismartguy09/18/14
This was copied from shashomin.

Posted by ismartguy09/18/14
shashmarin*, and obviously purposely.

Posted by brandonfave03/17/15
You got me.


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