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Poisonous Snakes

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There are no poisonous snakes in the world. How is this possible?

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Posted by eighsse07/30/13
I guessed right :) But only because it sounded like it could be right...not because I know of any difference between a "venom" and a "poison," but "venom" sounds more natural like that produced by an animal.

Posted by SaraGrace08/01/13
I got this one. Not too hard good one :D

Posted by Mad-Ade08/11/13
but Venomous is defined as Poisonous by the dictionary and the word Venom comes from the Latin word "venenum" which means poison.

Posted by xmum08/22/13
There is an African snake that has a toxic substance in its flesh. It is not venomous. If it bites you, you will not die, but, if you eat it, you will croak for sure. I don't have time to google it. If you care, check it out. I would just advise you to not eat snakes. They don't taste that good. Stick to chicken.


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