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It's Not Tulips

Submitted By:eighsse
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.34)

You can find me on a face;
Frequently I'm in a vase.
I'm precise by definition,
Yet to one man I am different.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by ThinksForFun08/16/13
Challenging and fun! Good job!

Posted by eighsse08/16/13
Thanks! One of my first pair of accepted teasers =D

Posted by MrsK09/15/13
I was thinking of an iris, because it's part of the eye and it's a flower. It can be different in color, however, the "to one man" threw me off track.

Posted by eighsse09/15/13
I should have called it "It's not Tulips or Irises." Lol :P

Posted by cutebug09/15/13
Very good. I was all over the ball park, but never got to home plate. :D :D

Posted by gaylewolf09/15/13
Same with me - I had no clue. Clever riddle - thanks for posting. Still missing Babe - I hope she's well and maybe just on vacation! :wink: :)

Posted by HABS293309/15/13
Loved it, I did not come up with the answer but when I saw it. I had a facepalm "ah ha" moment. Great job for a first teaser! Nice to see some new material on here too, thanks Editors!

Posted by eighsse09/15/13
Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked it :)

Posted by Maggiethe8th09/15/13
Didn't get it either, but really liked it! Thanks for the new teaser! :D

Posted by theriddler09/16/13
This is a very good riddle. Sometimes the clues in a riddle are questionable, or even misleading, but all of the clues here are good solid hints, and yet I didn't get it. I got the name "the riddler" because I was always bringing riddles to a group I visit. I'm sure they're going to like this one. Hope you don't mind, I'll make a small change when I do, so the last sentence will read,"By definition something precise is meant, Yet to one man I am different." It's hard to find good riddles, this one is great. Do more. I liked your title too.

Posted by eighsse09/16/13
Wow thank you, I'm glad the work is appreciated and enjoyed! :) And by all means, change it however you like.

Posted by charlottes-odd12/02/13
This was awesome!

Posted by Babe09/15/16
Well, to me that was very confusing. It made little sense when I saw the answer. At first I guessed a pansy as they have little faces on them. Just saying the answer is a dozen leaves me cold. It should have been a dozen something. That is just my opinion. Sorry, but glad you posted and tried. That is more than I do. :lol:

Posted by LittleGreenMan09/15/16
Twelve comments when first posted (2013) .... ONE thus far as TOTD. We'll see. Jaye

Posted by eighsse09/15/16
@Babe: Yes, it's a bit difficult, and an abstract answer for a riddle. I really wouldn't expect many people to be able to figure it out (I highly doubt I could have figured it out myself if it had been written by someone else). For most people I expect it's just something to puzzle on, then read the answer and say "Ahh, of course!" :)

Posted by gaylewolf09/15/16
Interesting puzzle and cleverly written. Thanks for a challenging one! :wink:

Posted by LittleGreenMan09/15/16
TWO .... (not counting mine and e......'s [the author]) Braingle is dying, folks. Doesn't anybody else care? Jaye

Posted by eighsse09/15/16
@LittleGreenMan: Of the 12 comments in 2013, 4 were by me, the author, which according to your comparison to the present, probably shouldn't count. When it was TOTD in 2013, only 6 comments were from unique, non-author users. As you said, we're at 2 so far ... I'm not sure when the clock flips over for the TOTD, but I think we have at least about 10 hours left, right? HOWEVER ..... Yes, Braingle is dying.

Posted by raisin9909/15/16

Posted by mepapa09/15/16
Got stuck on iris...very nice riddle ya got there! :lol:


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