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Submitted By:eighsse
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.65)

This deadly 8-letter word can really "put people in a frenzy," and for very good reason. If you drop letter 1 and order the rest of the letters like so [8745623], then you get exactly what the word can do. So, if you are affected by it, you had better get a good [65478], or you could be taking a very long [321]!

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Mad-Ade08/15/13
Cide, in latin means to cut or slice, not kill.

Posted by eighsse08/15/13
"To cut" and "to kill" are both definitions of "CIDE."

Posted by goodluck192308/18/13
I liked it 8)

Posted by spikethru408/20/13
Mad-Ade, ever heard of "homiCIDE", "pestiCIDE", "suiCIDE"?

Posted by klsowell08/21/13
Ya mad Cide does mean kill like homicide, to kill people, pesticide, to kill pests, or fratricide, to kill a brother. :roll:

Posted by Babe10/01/13
Had no idea what this was about! Did not like it. :(

Posted by RevBug10/01/13
Loved this one! Took me a while to solve it though. Tried to solve it with "diseases" first. Funnily enough, with "diseases" the first rearranged clue spells "see as is"; decided to take that as a clue for the true answer. :lol:

Posted by eighsse10/01/13
@RevBug: That's so weird that "diseases" works out to "see as is"! Funny :)

Posted by HABS293310/01/13
Got "nap" easily and then worked from there Took a bit of work to solve, but was easily solvable if you made the effort. Nice to see a new puzzle.

Posted by auntiesis10/01/13
Just like Habs, I got nap easily. But unlike Habs, there is where I quit. I guess I was just not in the mood to work on it. Clever one, just not my thing. :roll: :o

Posted by gaylewolf10/01/13
I didn't get the gist of this one - but what I like and admire is the wide range of comments - well, that is, if you consider 4 comments from today a "wide range". We have some smart folks here!! I applaud you! :wink: :lol:

Posted by gaylewolf10/01/13
Auntie Sis, you sneaked your comment in before I submitted mine - good to see you!! :wink: :)

Posted by lukasiwicz10/01/13
Yes, as a suffix "-cide" means "kill." But there is not a verb "cide," and you never hear the turn of phrase, "(Subject) cided (object)." And there is no Latin verb "cido," though there is one, "occido," which means "kill." This puzzle was easily solved from the other clues, but "cide man,", which one quickly enough understands MUST be the answer to the scond clue, is simply wrong.

Posted by eighsse10/01/13
I don't know Latin, I was just basing it upon English words and researching it on the internet. You may be correct!

Posted by deadbass3610/02/13
I got pandemic pretty quickly but thought it was wrong because cideman makes no sense. Cide is a latin root true, but youre not using it like a root here, so I thought I was wrong

Posted by eighsse10/02/13
I think in retrospect I agree with you there, the clue "cide man" is pretty awkward. But there's definitely profundity there, just not presented perfectly. I'm not sure exactly how it could be made better.

Posted by eighsse10/02/13
I think it would probably be better if it could be worked into a poetic riddle somehow. Because in poetic riddles, clues can be so much more symbolic and imperfect. I'll work on it! :)

Posted by charlottes-odd12/05/13
Oooh I like this one! :)

Posted by eighsse02/07/16
Completely forgot about creating this one, and just re-read it, and even knowing the answer is PANDEMIC, took me a while to figure out what the heck CIDEMAN meant! xD Oh well, it's not bad, I guess.


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