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Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.68)
Difficulty:** (1.71)

One you will find in a state that borders Ohio,
Another you will find in a state next to Georgia,
A third can be found in a state that touches Canada,
The last cannot be found in any state at all.

What are these things?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Babe11/21/13
I am not good at Geography and did not want to take the time to look it all up so I just did not bother. Kind of boring anyhow. :(

Posted by Profay1111/21/13
Good one, but not my thing.

Posted by eighsse11/21/13
I think it was very fun. It's kind of deceptive, it doesn't sound like you're looking for something like compass directions. And that's a good thing. I didn't get it though, but I kind of gave up early.

Posted by cutebug11/21/13
Took time and thought it out. Great teaser. :D :D

Posted by bestgirl11/21/13
Tend to agree with Babe. The riddle is vague and not very interesting (even if a new one).

Posted by CheriePenguin11/21/13
I thought it was a good one! :)

Posted by thecatladycac11/21/13
I thought about looking up a map and writing down all of the possible states that would fit the puzzle and go from there. Right now, I am pretty tired (lazy) and didn't do it - just looked up the answer. Now I wish I would have taken the trouble or at least saved the puzzle until later! - It would have been fun. Nice Quiz!! :D :lol: :D


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