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Submitted By:Smithy
Fun:*** (2.75)
Difficulty:**** (3.28)

What is the link between the following countries?


Czechoslovakia also shared this link, although neither the Czech Republic nor Slovakia do individually.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by eighsse08/25/13
So hard, but really interesting! Good one!

Posted by nicats08/26/13
Cool this never crossed my mind.

Posted by debc108/26/13
you stink :lol:

Posted by Smithy08/26/13
Thank you all - especially deb!

Posted by BeanSC08/29/13
Good one! :D

Posted by Mad-Ade08/30/13
Damn you Mr Smithy and your entertainingly difficult teasers, well done. :D

Posted by Smithy09/18/13
Thank you both! I'm glad the link isn't too obscure to be of interest.

Posted by catmom09/27/13
Not in a million years would I have come up with the answer. :-?

Posted by HABS293309/27/13
Not a chance I would have ever come up with that one! Interesting factoid though, I try to learn at least one piece of "useless knowledge" every day.. Thanks this will work!

Posted by elentir09/27/13
Fun teaser! Interesting facts, Francium is the only element that is named after the country who's TLD that it shares it symbol. Indium matches India's TLD, but it was technically named after its indigo blue spectral line instead of the country. Europium comes close in that it shares its symbol with the European Union (although they technically aren't a countries). :)

Posted by cutebug09/27/13
I was clueless. :o :o

Posted by bestgirl09/27/13
Too hard for me!

Posted by kitty-cat09/27/13
I couldn't figure this one out while sitting in Chemistry class with a periodic table on the wall opposite me. :) Maybe next time.

Posted by tripleteam509/27/13
several days back I commented that that puzzle was the worst I have seen for aecane information and no help clue I had EVER seen , And I was right....Until today They should have "thumbs" instead of emotiocons for rating this :( :( 8) 8)

Posted by Smithy09/28/13
I don't think it's "arcane", just obscure. Thanks to those that found it interesting, especially elentir for the extra info!

Posted by zigthepig02/24/15
Very cool and interesting. *favourites* :D


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