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Mother of Triplets

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Fun:** (1.77)
Difficulty:*** (3.03)

Determine what eleven-letter word, the letters of which have been used to make each of three clue words ("triplets"), is the answer ("mother") word for each of the following.

Each of the clue words consists of a subset of the letters found in the answer word. All eleven letters of the answer word are used at least once in the formation of the three clue words.
Example: birth, innate, trio Answer: hibernation

1) fiscal, frail, racial
2) chip, gender, grind
3) rewrite, rut, unwed
4) chore, hair, stomp

For an additional challenge, put the extra letters from the clue words in 2), 3), and 4) above in the correct order giving you the eleven-letter bonus word!

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