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Siamese Twins

Submitted By:eighsse
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Two Siamese twins, who were not separated at birth or any time, were going on vacation, but needed to be back home within exactly one week from the time they left. However, one of them wanted to go to Paris, France, and the other wanted to go to Sydney, Australia. They found a way that they could both stay at their preferred vacation place for three and a half days. How did they do it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by charlottes-odd12/05/13
This was brilliant!!!! :)

Posted by eighsse12/05/13
Thanks! This is the only one of my teasers I can't take credit for; it was given to me by my nephew =)

Posted by spikethru412/06/13
However, you said they weren't separated at any time, implying they did everything - including their vacation - together (conjoined or not).

Posted by eighsse12/06/13
Very true. I suppose it should say "surgically separated."

Posted by markitude06/27/14
Here's my answer, which doesn't depend on a different than normal definition of Siamese twin: They were both Siamese twins...but not joined to each other.

Posted by eighsse06/27/14
Great point Mark! I never thought of that.

Posted by Marple09/26/14
This is very good! Yes, cojoined twins were once known as "Siamese Twins" due to a pair of famour cojoined twins called Eng and Chang Bunker, who were born in Siam in 1811. :D

Posted by eighsse09/26/14
Interesting, never even knew that! :D

Posted by Ares7212/24/15
Eddie, what if they were still conjoined, but bye a really long flap of skin?

Posted by eighsse12/24/15
Hah!!! Good one Ares. You just loopholed your own riddle 😄

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/10/16
Couldn't they have just gone around the world while visiting those locations, gaining an extra day?


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