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Spoonerism Sentences

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Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:*** (2.17)

You will be presented with sentences, each with two blanks representing a given number of omitted words. The two blanks will contain spoonerisms of each other. A spoonerism is a swapping of phonetic sounds between or within words.

Example: When an earthquake strong enough to [shake a tower] caused great damage to the bathroom, Gregory was glad that he had decided not to [take a shower] at that time.

Theme: At the Hospital

1. Have the x-rays of the patient's [2 words] [2 words] to her yet?

2. Is [2 words], or is she still on her [2 words]? Last I heard, she was in critical condition.

3. Although he was a master at [2 words] and dangerous stunts individually, trying to name a volunteer's card while swallowing a sword proved to be a [2 words].

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