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Dropboxes XXV

Submitted By:eighsse
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)

In this teaser, you will be given rows, each with three clues. The answer to the second clue of any row will consist of the letters -- usually rearranged -- of the answer to the first clue in that row, minus one letter. The answer to the third clue, likewise, will consist of the letters from the second answer, minus one. If you put each dropped letter into the box following the word from which it was dropped, reading down the two columns of boxes will give a phrase, or two terms that are somehow related.

1. Amount of medication [_] 2. 19th century impressionist [_] 3. Like cheese or wine
4. Against the current [_] 5. Damages a lock or a seal [_] 6. Expert
7. Painter or sculptor [_] 8. Indian instrument [_] 9. _____ up trouble
10. Adhesive graphic [_] 11. Clothed [_] 12. Boy
13. Great Barrier _____ [_] 14. Monetary penalty [_] 15. Iron

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