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The Animal Kingdom: What Am I?

Submitted By:charlottes-odd
Fun:*** (2.47)
Difficulty:** (1.25)

I am known for my beard, but not for my hair
My name sounds mythical, but the fire's not there
I adore the heat and I cannot stand the cold
I also look like I'm from days of old

What animal am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by eighsse01/31/14
Excellent riddle! Every clue is actually meaningful and logical, unlike a lot of riddles out there. I knew this one had to be yours when I saw it in the review list :lol:

Posted by charlottes-odd01/31/14
Thanks eighsse! I need to catch up on your riddles actually, again I've been really busy. I might do some more animal riddles :)

Posted by eighsse02/02/14
No worries charlotte :) Mine are very time-consuming

Posted by dangerouspie10102/04/14
I love your riddles charlotte! I normally stick to situation and trick, but your riddles are great! :D

Posted by charlottes-odd02/05/14
Aw thank you! :)

Posted by bluebonnets02/07/15
I love this one! I have a 3-year-old beardie and I immediately thought of her reading this.

Posted by charlottes-odd02/07/15
Thanks for playing! I got the idea from my boyfriend's bearded dragons, I love them!

Posted by GotherL02/23/16
This what impossible since I had no idea what a bearded dragon is.


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