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The two of us keep a low profile
Without us you would not be mobile

Seldom looked at but frequently used
We're often depressed but not abused

Side by side with functions opposite
Managing the go and stop of it

What are we?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BadBunnee0208/01/14
I will await the comments. And enumerate them. # 001 (approx. 12:30 a USA CST) BB02

Posted by Babe08/01/14
I read the first two lines and came up with my answer which was feet. I should have taken time to read it all, but liked my answer although yours is much better. I had fun though. :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by Babe08/01/14
Oh My gosh! I was first. That has never happened to me. Yaaay! :D

Posted by BadBunnee0208/01/14
Oh My gosh! I was first. That has never happened to me. Yaaay!

Posted by BadBunnee0208/01/14
Oh My gosh! I was first. That has never happened to me. Yaaay!

Posted by Gizzer08/01/14
I like the way that "stop and go" Got switched around - for the rhyme, you know :) But why do we think we can't go far Unless we hop in the nearest car? There are other ways to be mobile, of course From walking to biking to riding a horse! So, why do we live so far away From places we visit every day? :)

Posted by HABS293308/01/14
You'd be surprised how easy it is to get along without a vehicle. Like everyone else I grew up with, I was given a car the day I got my license and stopped taking the bus, walking or riding my bike. In 2004, I lost 90% of my vision and therefore lost my license and for the first time in 16 years had to find an alternate method of transport. Though I live in a city of over 400,000 and there is an extensive public transit system, I will walk anywhere within 5-10 km without thinking twice about it. When I drove, I'd hop in the car to go around the corner.

Posted by doodles08/01/14
I figured this one out very quickly. I drive my cars everyday. Sedan on bad days and convertible on sunny warm days. :D :D :D :D

Posted by catmom08/01/14
My first thought was feet. Then I thought that was too easy, so I read it again. Yup, gas and brake pedals, that'll work, too. :)

Posted by gaylewolf08/01/14
Fun teaser and great comments! Hi Babe! Congrats on being first! Guzzer, your name is not familiar to me - welcome! Loved your rhyme. Haps, you're always an inspiration to me! Doodles, how about a ride on a sunny day! Catmom, hello - have a great day! Happy August first! :wink: :D

Posted by HABS293308/01/14
Thanks GW, I tryl Figure there is no point in being bitter. Speaking of bitter, if you look at the comment count (11 once I post this) then actually COUNT the comments you will notice comments missing. "Somebody" (not mentioning any names) is apparently having his (or her) comments restricted. Thank you whoever made that decision, it makes it much more peaceful on here.

Posted by mepapa08/01/14
Nice riddle!I was thinking bike peddles.

Posted by gaylewolf08/01/14
Ditto, HABS!! I found the constant nagging, nit picking and the length of the tirades to be extremely tiring. Hope it's over for good!!! :wink: :)

Posted by HABS293308/01/14
I think this is the best solution, he is still on the site, gets to submit teasers and whatnot but no one has to deal with his ranting and raving. It is a win-win. And I applaud whomever came up with it.


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