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Altered State

Submitted By:ThinksForFun
Fun:*** (2.61)
Difficulty:** (1.82)

Against my grip
you may resist
But in the end
you will desist

Turning upright
into level
Calming you but
not forever

Love or hate me
I'm undeterred
'Cause in the end
I'll have my third

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by sadface25603/09/14
This one is actually really good!

Posted by ThinksForFun03/09/14
Thanks. Glad you like it.

Posted by BadBunnee0204/11/14
Wow .... third comment. :) Not many for such a fine riddle. I enjoyed it and gave it a top "fun" rating. BB02

Posted by Babe04/11/14
How is the average person going to know those facts.? I find this one in a different category than a teaser. Did not care for it at all. :( :roll:

Posted by BadBunnee0204/11/14
Good observation, babe. Should a riddle that's riddled with trivia be in the "riddle" cat or the "trivia" cat? And other than the "other" cat there is no comfortable "place" for "tweenies". It's the "call" of the writer AND (often) the Editors. I've got one coming up that I've described in the "answer" section as a "trivia rebus". We'll see if it survives and gets posted. I'll try to remember to let you know. Meanwhile, let's all be more tolerant of teaser writers who don't know precisely where to put stuff .... instead of telling them where to put it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by jaycr04/11/14
This one stumped me. I guess I needed more of the answer to get the answer. :-?

Posted by cutebug04/11/14
I fell asleep while I was solving this one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by gaylewolf04/11/14
I've been out of the loop for a while and when I recently returned, I see quite a few comments from a new player. BadBunnee02. HABS always submits the most insightful comments. Cutebug submits the funniest/most sarcastic - but I like sarcastic. I like Jaycr's comments, too. Babe is wise - where is everyone else. This quiz left me wondering! :wink:

Posted by BadBunnee0204/11/14
I'll wonder/wander right along with you, Gaylewolf (BTW ... welcome back) - seems we need all the help we can get. I, too, am somewhat distressed by the paucity of comments - especially on the more creative and challenging and "fun" teasers. As I've occasionally said ... I think the comments are often the richest part of the Braingle experience. BB02

Posted by auntiesis04/11/14
Wow ! This one stumped me totally. :roll: :oops: I did not have a clue. Tough one, but so obvious when I saw the answer. :oops: Keep them coming.

Posted by Bummerdude04/11/14
Don't know if it was the title that got me thinking it, but I thought sleep from the first paragraph. :wink: Was good though.

Posted by Zag2412/21/14
Umm, that's not what desist means. To desist would mean you succeeded in resisting. Your riddle works if you say, "but in the end, you can't desist."


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