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The Dracoria Trainers

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Once, in a faraway land called Dracoria, four girls - Lillie, Harley, Crystal, and Geneva - were becoming dragon trainers. They each got a different-colored dragon and named it something different. Using the clues, can you figure out who had which dragon and what she named it?

1. The four people are: the one who owns the Red Dragon, the one who owns Brookzhay, the one who owns the Gold Dragon, and Crystal.

2. Lillie thinks Aero and Brookzhay are nice-looking dragons, but prefers her own, the Gold Dragon.

3. Harley's dragon is the fastest, but Aero is right behind.

4. Even though Skae's name sounds like "Sky", she is not the color of the sky, day or night.

5. Reikke, the Gold Dragon, wishes she belonged to Crystal because she gives her dragon more treats.

6. Harley thinks she's cool because her dragon is the color of the night, but Geneva thinks her dragon, Skae, is much cooler.

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