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2 Words-ea Sy

Submitted By:ismartguy
Fun:** (1.89)
Difficulty:* (1.05)

What do these words have in common?


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by BadBunnee0203/26/14
Congratulations on your first teaser. We expect to see more. :P

Posted by eighsse03/30/14
I'll be honest with you: this one's a little simplistic and bland, but it's a good start :) Can you explain the title? It seems to be saying "2 words easy", but I don't understand the unusual spacing/punctuation, and I can't figure out how it functions as a hint for this teaser. An explanation would be great :)

Posted by BadBunnee0203/30/14
Maybe ismartguy was making a "play" on syllables (as morphemes) by: "ea" & "sy" and maybe thus leading us to look at syllabification as a clue to the answer. Maybe? :o Huh? :lol: I guess we'll have to wait for ismartguy to solve the mystery!

Posted by ismartguy03/30/14
Next tester is coming up!It will most likely be a mystery,but it could be another riddle.

Posted by ismartguy05/11/14
the new teaser will e up in about a week,i will release the name of the teaser b4 it comes out even tho i know it already.Id also like to give a shoutout to dangerouspie101, or DP.We are writing buddies and his teaser,10 words was the first teaser ive ever read in braingle,and weve been friemds ever since.Just dont get mad that he already knows the title of my new teaser. :D :D :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)

Posted by ismartguy05/14/14
it is called lost money,but it might be rejected for some reason. tata!

Posted by ismartguy09/10/14
Oh, yes, the "s" isnt supposed to be capital(oops) and you know when people say "Two Words:*blank*, and the word in the blank is two syllables, but they say two WORDS? Well, that was my reference... guess no one understands :oops: :( :-?

Posted by ismartguy09/10/14
And the words in the teaser are 3 SYLLABLES, so... you see?

Posted by ismartguy09/23/14
Im so sad :( no one commented on my teaser except you and it's been a while. This B happineng leik evvritiem :'(

Posted by Hydra123401/23/15
Very bland

Posted by ismartguy01/28/15
sorry, my first teaser :-?

Posted by zigthepig02/24/15
Sometimes the easy ones end up being the ones that get over looked. I didn't get this one as I was overthinking it. Good one :D

Posted by ismartguy02/24/15
Yeah, when i first started braingle I couldnt find any teasers that I could solve for a while.


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