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Three friends - Jack, Lucy, and Elaine - recently joined a writing club, but they got their stories all mixed up! Using the clues, can you determine whose story is whose, and how many words each one has?

Names: Jack, Lucy, Elaine
Story Titles: The Pirate's Quest, Into the Garden, Aether Dreams
Numbers of Words: 2000, 5000, 10000,


1. The three stories are: the one with 10000 words, the one entitled The Pirate's Quest, and Elaine's story.

2. The writer of Into the Garden thought her book would be the longest, but it ended up the shortest.

3. Jack's book had nothing to do with flowers or magic; he instead chose a more boy-ish theme.

4. Lucy's book had a magical, multi-dimensional theme that had nothing to do with pirates or gardens.

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