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Our Motto : "We never metaphor we didn't like."

Here's the deal:

Following is an example of a "three word phrase" illustrative of many common-use colloquial or idiomatic expressions in our society:

"live and learn"

It consists of one "before" word; "live", one "mid" word; "and", & one "after word; "learn".

BB02 visited the local Ye Olde Language Shoppe for their half-off sale so he could replenish his supply.

But when he got home he discovered his backpack had a small rip and ALL the "mid" words had fallen out, leaving only the first and last words of the six three-word phrases he had purchased.

Help BB02 reconstruct all six of the three-word phrases complete with the "missing" middle words.

Here are the 12 "before" and "after" words he has:

alive, clear, done, ear, egg, free, if, lay, lend, said, well, when

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