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Submitted By:BadBunnee02
Fun:** (1.93)
Difficulty:* (0.78)

BB02 went to SEE a doctor with a medical problem, represented by the rebus below. What's the problem?

seeing seeing

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Posted by BadBunnee0205/17/14
Very easy, huh? And intentionally so. But ... for you Rebus "pros" ... maybe this one will be more to your liking: What common phrase do the characters (between the lines below) remind us of? ____________________________ 11 ____________________________ Please make comments but please do not "give away" the answer in the comments. Private message me if you wish. I will periodically give "hints" in a few days and reveal the answer in about a month. Have Fun !! :D :D :D :D :D BB02

Posted by ismartguy05/18/14
su bad buneeeeeeeeeeee nise teaser :D :D :D


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