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Submitted By:Genius39
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7 + 7 = 2
8 + 8 = 4
8 + 5 = 1
6 + 9 = 3
10 + 11 = 9

In this sense, what is the value of 4 + 9?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by theriddler05/19/15
I often automatically figure such problems, yet I was as baffled by the number system as if it had been devised by alien intelligence. Until I read the clue. Good one!

Posted by lelrod08/13/15
Without reference to time, the answer is "Sum mod 12", or the remainder of the sum after division by 12.

Posted by Snowdog10/05/16
Good teaser. I needed the hint.

Posted by JimShorts11/16/16
Like lelrod, I got the answer just using math, I didn't think of the time connection. My solution was simply that the value of each number was its distance from 6. So the value of 8 is 2, since it's 2 more than 6, the value of 5 is -1, since it's 1 less than 6, etc. I guess these are just all different ways of saying the same thing! Nice teaser!

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/11/16
Whoever wrote this teaser needs to learn to speak English properly. Other than that it was a great teaser.

Posted by TheRiddleTroll12/11/16
It doesn't belong in the logic category though.


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