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Lighter than a Feather

Submitted By:BJLeeLuu
Fun:*** (2.3)
Difficulty:** (1.11)

What is lighter than a feather but the strongest man in the world could not pick it up?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by scoutman10/22/03
this teaser also works for any gas that is lighter than a feather, such as helium or neon. A decent teaser, tho.

Posted by markmonnin09/22/05
A shadow!

Posted by baby_girls2301/02/06
that was so easy.

Posted by SPUTNIK202/06/06
I liked this one, thanks :)

Posted by npf200502/22/06
Easy :( :( :( *lip trembles* :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted by MadDog7203/12/06
Actually, air is not LIGHTER than a feather. If you had enough air, the air would be heavier. The correct wording would be that air is LESS DENSE than a feather.

Posted by paul72605/07/06
Also, many people pick up air. They carry it, compressed, in cylinders.

Posted by elshawno06/02/06
why are u guys so precise?! and my friends call ME mr proper... jeesh! :) :oops: :wink: :D

Posted by Stormcrafter11/07/06
It's our jobs to be critical :D Not a bad teaser, though - but I would have said shadow :)

Posted by elu9311/22/06
he he he, I use that one on my friends all the time! :lol: :D

Posted by LeafFan4life03/04/07

Posted by snoopunicorn03/12/07
HEYY all he had to do was put his hands up and say IM CARRYING ALL THE AIR IN THE WORLD!!!! :D haha


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