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Do you want to take an intelligence test?

What is the colour of the sky?
What number follows 6?
Which animal goes moo?
What is your favourite day?
What is your favourite colour?
What was the first question you were asked?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by NotSoLilGeorge07/18/02
very simple, people have tried it on me.

Posted by mollynoodl07/22/02
Actually, they can spell. In Europe, favorite is spelled f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e, and color is spelled c-o-l-o-u-r. Don't be so harsh with your remarks!

Posted by 4sH_n_7ay_t4y07/30/02
Molly is right, but it's not ben's fault that he's an too stupid to learn about other languages and places :)

Posted by Yogi07/30/02
Benebrain is obviously american.

Posted by angie08/11/02

Posted by bmotts08/15/02
If there's one bad first question teaser, I haven't heard it!

Posted by Julia01/01/03
this teaser must be a million kazillion years old!! btw, how can you not know the way Europeans spell anything with "or" in it weird?

Posted by dumbell02/07/03
As the language is called English I think it is you Americans who spell it oddly, and Europeans speak a multitude of languages, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic, Welsh, Dutch, Flemish Swedish etc. If you are going to be derogatory, at least be accurate

Posted by jimbo03/28/03
Who are we. We're not English but we speak it. We're not European but our culture is Western. Our favourite flag is coloured red white and blue so we're not even Canadian! You always leave us out! Who are we?

Posted by Shoobop05/13/03
nice joke but it was too easy

Posted by flynn05/21/03
I agree with the puzzle compiler. It would work much better if verbalized. After all, you know there is something fishy when you are asked what was the first question, and it's displayed in front of you. But, if done verbally you would be more likely to fall into the trap-albeit, it's a bit obvious.

Posted by buttons0306/27/05

Posted by smarty_blondy11/07/05
Someone did it to me a while back, but much more complex. So complex actualy that i had to memorize all the colours on a dress and then close my eyes and say them by heart. By the end of it i was so confused i fell for it. Helped though, i got this one right away. :lol:

Posted by rtytherleigh01/27/06
Bit of a classic. Got it right away. Godd teaser anyway 8) :D :) :P

Posted by MadDog7203/19/06
Isn't the correct answer the first question that you were EVER asked in your life?

Posted by Atropus04/13/06
Heh.. Jimbo, that riddle could be a bunch of different colonial nations.. New Zealand and Australia for starters.

Posted by josty08/18/06
a classic trick

Posted by aaryaman9306/19/07
Done this a million times :P

Posted by King_of_Smart07/27/07

Posted by jamy40007/30/07
really easy

Posted by lavender09/16/07
:lol: I love that one!

Posted by Matttoy10/20/07
Great teaser. For some reason I thought it was the color of the sky was the first question. I think the reason was because I aren't that smrt. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Keep making teasers.

Posted by LmPisme12311/12/07
It was good but I think it's better verbaly doing it. But, thats my opinion.

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
that was fun. Simple though. Got it. :) :D

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
For all the people who want to insult America please stop. I can understand how you can get worked up about that comment but please don't take it out on the whole country. Plus there was a school spelling bee for my grade and the grade above me and I came in 4th. So I can spell color. I understand that in different countries we spell words differently but that does not mean that us Americans are spelling anything wrong. I can understand anger at people who post negative comments but those comments get deleted and this one that you are talking about already has been deleted. So from now on if somebody posts something rude please do not be mad at their whole country. We don't want World War III now do we? As for the teaser it was very good. I got it right but that is just because my friend Serena did this to me. But I got it wrong the first time so I got it 1/2 right. And your right, it does work better orally. :D Hope all you foreign people see my point of view. :D :D :D JK about being foreign. Okay, I need breakfast. Bye.

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
Sorry you do not feel included jimbo :lol: Anyways. Breakfast. Me. Now.

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
OK bye

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
Ok why is it that when I type "

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
I keep typing something and it wont show up -Gigi

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10

Posted by SRB_180707/20/11
kind of disappointing


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