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Sleeping Job

Submitted By:Cascas
Fun:** (1.76)
Difficulty:* (0.73)

What does this mean?


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by singcan01/27/03
Very EASY!! Ok I guess

Posted by Codammanus02/12/03
Don't give up! Keep stretching that BRAIN!!!!!

Posted by dragonfang06/15/03
Where did "the" come from? It should just be "sleeping on job". Still very easy tough.

Posted by dakini06/18/03
Not quite a challenging teaser, but it makes me feel smart! :)

Posted by krabcat02/14/05
it was gr8 the "the" u have to add on your oun

Posted by dalt8802/27/05
ez boring im 8 not gr8

Posted by MonkeyJoe08/28/05
eazy peazy :D

Posted by jules33610/04/05
yeah quite nice

Posted by jules33610/04/05
yeah quite nice


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