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Lem ade

Submitted By:Michelle
Fun:** (1.34)
Difficulty:* (0.28)

What is this word?


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Posted by im_para_noid09/15/02
and I was thinking that it would be another of Mad-Ade's puzzles. good one.

Posted by PebblesExtreme03/21/03
That one is too easy. Need something at bit harder.

Posted by singcan03/29/03
Maybe u could try something alittle harder next time..............

Posted by icehaven04/04/03
Even when I saw the title, I could huess the word. Try something harder next time.

Posted by Lizzieruth04/15/03
That puzzle was just too easy! You do need to put something up that's a bit harder.

Posted by Rosey2705/07/03

Posted by flynn05/21/03
I think that the reason it was so easy was your choice of a word that had an unusual group of letters. i.e. "ade". In conjunction with "lem" the answer just popped out. Using "peel" -- giving us lemon peel -- would have been a little less obvious. Pity it got such a low score, because it's basically a nice teaser.

Posted by dakini06/07/03
too easy my friend, still, i love it!:)

Posted by CoolKel06/09/03
Very easy, but those kind make me think better about myself!

Posted by Kougra06/14/03
Nice one, maybe a bit harder next time. And you cant complain! I mean it IS in the easy section.

Posted by quinton02/08/04
It was easy because you just had to add the o and the n then you would have haf it :D

Posted by billybob_thorton03/08/04
next time,dont make it so obvious

Posted by nia_raymer03/19/04
Very easy. was there any point in putting that in there? You wally?! :lol:

Posted by lucylizzy04/20/04
Hee Hee, my 6 year old sister got this one immediately! but clever.

Posted by oosunshyneoo07/11/04

Posted by CaNaDiAnGiRl07/22/04
Good Wordle

Posted by CaNaDiAnGiRl08/20/04
I found it too easy.Sorry! :-?

Posted by rashad08/21/04
I do not think that it is weird being easy. Proof: Being the easiest teaser in the site! 8)

Posted by mivich01/02/05
good one :wink:

Posted by RoxyChick1301/27/05
That was hard for a blonde (like me!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by jen1302/06/05
very easy but fun

Posted by krabcat02/14/05
it was good but the tital gave it away :o i tryed figuring out the way to get it insted :D

Posted by smatypants02/14/05
howd that get in the title tol,d me the answer

Posted by dalt8802/27/05
bpring and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to easay

Posted by runscapekiller03/20/05
just say them fast and u got it 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Posted by Kabuki03/27/05
Let's hear it for the easiest puzzle on the entire site!! :D

Posted by dilly_bean04/04/05

Posted by dilly_bean04/04/05

Posted by Nicholle04/21/05
It was way too easy, i got it right away. But you deserve credit for trying to make a teaser in the first place. Most of us dont have the talent you do. :cry:

Posted by deadeye82304/26/05
that was so easy i got it before i even looked at the teaser (i got it from the title)

Posted by BrownEyes05/09/05
Going a little overboard with the faces are we? :o

Posted by darthforman05/11/05
easy but still kinda cute. :roll:

Posted by orlie061805/21/05
i feel soooooo stupid right about now!!!! it's the morning, though, give me a break!!! :oops: :cry: :wink:

Posted by babybabe105/22/05
i'm only 12 and i got that quicker than a blink. nice teaser though :lol:

Posted by brain_dead05/30/05

Posted by brainyng06/01/05
tammy you have wwaaaay to much time

Posted by Pop_Qla06/06/05
I got it, but only because we were talking about this in a game on the message boards. If I didn't see that, I wouldn't have gotten it right. I am so pathetic! :oops: :lol: Great teaser!

Posted by shadowmancer62606/14/05
that was way too easy. and whats with you people and all those smilies? :-?

Posted by JameGirl3306/25/05
I dont care what anyone says...this made me happy cuz it was the first rebus i got. 8) Better start practicing.... :lol:

Posted by thecowancannons08/04/05
that was the easiest thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Posted by trumpetsgirl10/11/05
I liked it but i think the title could have been something other than the puzzle. Great job!! :D

Posted by smarty_blondy10/18/05
All i can say: ignore the negative comments! There isn't much originality in them, they all say "it's easy" anyway. I like to think i am open for a bit of diversity, and take things as such. I like to be able to chose the type of teaser i want to solve, as i chose "easy" now due to a severe headache. Keep them coming. :)

Posted by bamfan10/24/05
E-Z :D

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
That was way too easy make um harder :P

Posted by BPKANERVA12/19/05
It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy :roll:

Posted by teen_wiz02/13/06
It was very easy, but still cute! :D

Posted by yo_girl02/19/06
That was very easy. It was still cute though. :wink:

Posted by kashby03/05/06
no duhhhhhhhhh. But I do like the easier 1s. :roll: :D

Posted by smartsy03/28/06
when u put lem ade i thought u just mispelled lemonade! ahhh DORK :D

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
that was wayyyyyy too easy :(

Posted by cesaboo06/11/06
just a bit easy.....or a could do better! :roll: :D

Posted by calmsavior08/29/06
i bet everyone who commented (including me) put all the teasers in difficulty order or chose 'easiest teasers' and chose this one to say it was easy.

Posted by calmsavior08/29/06
sorry for making the comment box long. :cry:

Posted by student_driver110/08/06
PPL! u r ya'll bein so rude about this teaser??? Sure it's easy, but at least this user even submitted a teaser...the people insulting this should try to make up their own before insulting someone else's. I thought it was a good try anyways, it's hard to come up with good teasers.

Posted by Zelvinrocks12/12/06
For people that thought it was too easy, why did you select this teaser???? :-? If you want a harder teaser select ones that have a higher dificulty rating. For me, personally, I enjoy really easy teasers because I can finally get something right in my life. All the comments I've seen for teasers say that they are too easy or boring :evil: I just submited a teaser and when and if it gets accepted I would like the comments to help make better ones. If it's good tell why, and if it's boring/easy, tell why. If all you do is complain with out constructive critisism your just jibber-jabbering. :roll: I thought it was a good teaser even though the title gave it away. If it's old it's old for a reason. People don't pass on bad rubuses.

Posted by teasermaster12/19/06
Nice teaser a little easy though... :roll:

Posted by Quickq12/31/06
This is the easiest teaser on braingle.No seriously.Do a quick search for easiest and this one will be at the top of the list. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by amb191201/22/07
way way way to easy. i thought lemonade but i thought it would be too easy sry :-? i was not impressed :cry:

Posted by basketballchica03/02/07
WOW! This was incredibly simple! it didnt take much to figure that out! :D

Posted by coolcow3503/17/07
Great teaser! One of my favorites! I actually understood and got the right answer on this! :D

Posted by omgitsash07/24/07
e ea eas easy!! eas ea e

Posted by bobobear07/29/07
mean much but ignore the negitive comment its a cute z :lol: :lol:

Posted by omgitsash07/29/07
wow you change emotions quick :-?

Posted by jamy40007/30/07
Super easy!! :D Next try a bit more challenging.

Posted by King_of_Smart08/05/07
easy, fun, and cool!

Posted by Brainyday11/11/07
Oh my god I cannot believe I got that wrong! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by LmPisme12311/12/07
That wqas a little to simple don't you think? But, I still took it therefore it catches your eye. So it was good. :D

Posted by LmPisme12311/12/07

Posted by pinky909504/11/08
YUM! :D a GREAT summer drink!

Posted by pinky909504/11/08
Easy but fun!

Posted by facr_104/14/08
WOW! This is the lowest scored rebus i've seen so far! :o :lol:

Posted by mewkisshu9604/21/08
YUMMY! Lemonade! :D

Posted by Ixtab05/30/08

Posted by pn_1606/16/08
easy but fun :D

Posted by piratechicken9212/04/08
i used it on my 7 year old cousin who also got it right away. :P this could possibly be the easiest brain teaser ever

Posted by Shadows12/07/08
student_driver1 said: "PPL! u r ya'll bein so rude about this teaser??? Sure it's easy, but at least this user even submitted a teaser...the people insulting this should try to make up their own before insulting someone else's. I thought it was a good try anyways, it's hard to come up with good teasers." First of all, you haven't submitted any teasers either. I have submitted four, and will submit more in the future, so: This teaser is a bit easy. Maybe lemon pie would be a BIT harder? bobobear (two bad karma arrows) said: "mean much but ignore the negitive comment its a cute z" Mean? Who died and made you queen? Criticism is good for teasers like this one. Whoever wrote the teaser -- keep trying. (Though you're probably inactive by now.) I must admit, the concept was a good one, and the fun rating should be a bit higher. This is the least popular rebus, by the way.

Posted by grilled_cheese309/06/09
im listening to dont stop believing by journey :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by Flamey50001/06/10
Extremely easy. I got it before even clicking on the title (I read the title and got it). Nice one anyway. :)

Posted by mimi874305/18/10
To all the people who said "It's too easy", you should all look at the difficulty , it says that it is the easiest, so if you guys where looking for something difficult, then sort the brain teasers by hardest!

Posted by miww05/28/10
sooo eeeeasy and weird!

Posted by Anmool06/21/10
easy, I liked it.

Posted by jwozniak08/07/11

Posted by Thekid401/16/13
When I first did this years ago, I knew it was lemonade without actually understanding it. Now I get it. It's lem on (on top of) ade. The only reason it's obvious is because I can't think of any other word that has "lem" and "ade."

Posted by Luke40012/04/13
Kinda easy, figured it out before I entered. lol


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