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Man in Forest

Submitted By:vikass
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There is a man in the forest and he has only one match (and the matchbox). He has with him an oil lamp (with oil in it), a gas lamp (with gas in it), and a fireplace full of kindling which is dry enough to burn. Night draws closer and he is afraid of the dark. Which one does he light first?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by T-Man10/13/01
Actually,thats pretty funny.

Posted by scoutman10/27/03
Slightly modified, my Scout troop uses this teaser as a test when each Scout gets to a certain point in his advancement. It's amazing how few scouts get the right answer.

Posted by sweetime06/01/05
i think i saw this teaser when i was ten - i really loved it then...

Posted by deepsea07/31/05
ah yes it may be old but no brainteaser site would be complete with out it

Posted by TehIgnored04/05/06
hehe....loved it.

Posted by vbguy10109/02/06

Posted by Smudge10/15/06
Sure, the match, but then what? the oil lamp? the gas lamp? the kindles? I reckon he lights the forest next

Posted by aball91103/22/08
:-? :roll: :-?

Posted by Punk_Rocker10/27/08
I've never understood how exactly this is a trick xD

Posted by Riddle11/22/10
lol :P


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