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It is a well-known fact that if you drop a feather and a bowling ball at the same time, the bowling ball will hit the ground first. But this is only because it has less air resistance than the feather. So, if you are in a rocket that is in outer space (where there is no air), and you drop a bowling ball and a feather at the same time, which would hit the ground first?

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Posted by Deucex208/27/02
If you're in orbit, everything is in a constant state of freefall towards the earth. Once the objects enter the atmosphere, they'll both burn up before they hit the ground.

Posted by StyLe8909/04/02
It depends where you are in space. If the objects are in orbit, they will eventually burn up. I guess it's possible, but not likely, for it to hit some type of ground at the same time sometime in the next billion years...

Posted by angie02/05/03
God this was funny!

Posted by Rosey2705/07/03

Posted by Riddlerman06/14/05
Very easy but nice too. :P

Posted by bluegrasss05/25/06
According to the science world both the feather and a bowling ball supposedly would hit the ground at the same time. This would be due to the gravitational pull on both objects is the same proved by Galileo. The part about outspace is true.

Posted by vbguy10109/29/06

Posted by nascarfan1912/10/06

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
:D got it.. :D

Posted by bob4542407/26/08
If you are IN a rocket with no air, you die/don't do the experiment. Two reasons: a) All rockets designed for people have the crew area pressurized, because it is much easier to work inside without wearing an oxygen mask. While the rocket has no air in it, you are probably spending your time trying to land. b) Your air tanks are also in the rocket!

Posted by ghostwolf146801/29/15
nice one :D


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