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Alexandre Dumas

Submitted By:tissue
Fun:** (2.07)
Difficulty:**** (3.15)

34 = E D C N

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by electronjohn11/08/02
My ignorance in the area of literature hurt me on this one!

Posted by bluetwo12/19/02
wow, pretty tough!! I did not remember this at all! fyi, it's "edmond DANTES' cell number" not "edmond DANTE's cell number". but I quibble...

Posted by tissue12/19/02
oh, sorry. I'll remember that next time.

Posted by rckergrl8703/26/03
i love that book :)

Posted by stormtrooper02/09/05
? Weird.

Posted by metallicman12/21/05
I only saw the movie (which I thought was great) and the hint gave it away. It was a good movie though, if you get the chance to see it do so. Good teaser. :)

Posted by jjj05504/17/07
Who??? :-? That's common knowledge?


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