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The Jealous Boyfriend

Submitted By:kiwioz9
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Sarah has a new boyfriend, who is perfect in every way, apart from the fact that he is EXTREMELY jealous and is always worried that Sarah is going to fall for other guys. Normally he will get really upset if Sarah even says hello to another guy on the street. However, one day, Sarah introduces her boyfriend to a guy their age that she has known for most of her life. She tells her boyfriend how close they are, how they lived together for many years, and how they plan to see each other on a regular basis. However her boyfriend is not worried by this, and accepts it happily. How come?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by cheshirecatgirl09/29/02
clever but i thought it was her father

Posted by skaven10/01/02

Posted by ossa10/02/02
yay! i got it

Posted by bluetwo10/04/02
could also be her cousin, nephew, uncle... (the nephew/uncle thing can happen if one of her parents and her parent's sibling are very far apart, agewise.)

Posted by CCat2010/04/02

Posted by kiwioz910/14/02
Thats because the 'twin' part was done by the editors. I just said that he was her brother - hence the most of her life thing.

Posted by jizzyhuggs10/15/02
I got this one, but I agree, it's can't be her twin. I thought brother, but hey, I'm not picky!

Posted by style8910/21/02
Ridiculously easy.

Posted by kiwioz910/24/02
go onto the 'user rankings' page, then click on to the link 'official rules' and all will be revealed.

Posted by Elsae01/18/03
I knew it was a brother or something. Nice

Posted by Christina021303/09/03
Easy but fun

Posted by inudbz03/16/03
i got it

Posted by I_am_the_Omega01/08/05
Heh, I thought he was gay :-)

Posted by Ilovepink404/12/06
There are too many possible answers

Posted by paul72607/05/06
It's a trick teaser. Of course there are other possible answers. I would say, though, that this guy is in no way perfect, with such a controlling personality. The level of jealousy is dangerous.

Posted by drickanderson08/10/07
I thought it was a step-brother, because she knew him 'most' of her life.

Posted by meggz544809/16/08
omg how funny i was thinking that the guy she was talkong to was gay!!!

Posted by Chura07/09/13
i got that before uncle lenny could wake up

Posted by eighsse01/26/14
Jealousy is a good thing. It shows you care. If you don't get jealous, you're most likely just in it to "have a partner" and be able to say so. THAT BEING SAID. Why on earth does it say twin? Why not just brother? I know either one works, but why the extreme specification? What's next: "Answer: It was her dark-haired twin brother named Kevin who is 5'10" and weighs 168 lbs and owns two dogs, a parrot, 25 shirts, and once had a friend named Jimmy."


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