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Double Meanings

Submitted By:Bobbrt
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.99)

Below are definitions of words (with the length of the word in parentheses), followed by a clue for a broken version of the word. For example:

PONDERING (8)...Monarch after dieting.

Would result in the word "THINKING", which could be broken into "THIN KING".

Can you decipher the five words below?

1. Certain Evening (9)...Tiny chess piece
2. Deed Subjects (10)...Cravats that are suitable
3. Ne'er-do-well (11)...Onion performing hip-hop music

4. Hawaiian person, eg. (8)...Confessions of a scandalmonger
5. Buddhist belief (13)...Flower adorning a horse's bridle

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