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Stop Thinking Over Here

Submitted By:Bobbrt
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:*** (2.26)

For each group below, fill in the blanks with two words that differ only by their first letter.

1. Stop thinking over here. Go _ _ _ _ _ _ over _ _ _ _ _ _.

2. An untrained person could be killed in these woods, but there is little _ _ _ _ _ _ for a _ _ _ _ _ _.

3. Writing an "A" on your dish rag would make it a _ _ _ _ _ with a _ _ _ _ _.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Ember10/24/02
~~~Nice One~~~

Posted by Gmoney-Gdog12/14/02
good1! 8^)

Posted by Princess_Neopia12/30/02
Brilliant teaser.

Posted by alintanfern01/06/03
gr8 1 with rhyming answers

Posted by Mogmatt1608/22/04
that's odd... this one is kinda good...

Posted by ThreeTwoOne08/22/04
I like your answer for the second sentence better than mine: matter/master. This teaser wasn't too difficult, but it exercised the brain just enough to be fun. Overall, a very clever contribution.

Posted by marigold02/21/05
wetter with a letter? Does that work or just sound weird? :oops:

Posted by Smudge06/14/06
The second one couldn't be matter/master as ThreeTwoOne said, because those do not differ by their first letter. Good try, though. I got the first 2, but the third was a very nice play of words. I give it a thumbs up :)

Posted by Rach_11/29/06
Cute and fun :D

Posted by marschie11/29/06
Excellent teaser! [Why are all the comments labeled "offensive?"]

Posted by lukeschett11/29/06
Great teaser. P.S. They are not offensive. You click on that if someone says something that is offensive to you. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Posted by karenokupniak11/29/06
Can we "wonder" over "yonder" as well? This one was a lot of fun.

Posted by senthur2211/29/06
beautiful thought

Posted by schmedley911/29/06
it was okay

Posted by bradon18200111/29/06
I guess its too early for me. Didn't get any unless you count "hope for a dope" for #1. That was my first thought and that is was I kept thinking. :o

Posted by bradon18200111/29/06
Oops, I meant #2, not 1. :o

Posted by OldChinaHand11/29/06
A very well done teaser. 8)

Posted by cassiemark11/29/06
I liked that one a lot! :)

Posted by lmurray11/29/06

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/29/06
Good teaser! 8) Made the first one tougher on myself than it turned out to be. Keep them coming! :wink:

Posted by nikitafullmoon11/29/06
One of those teasers that makes me go "D'OH!" Apparently I need to START Thinking Over Here! Great teaser!

Posted by scallio11/29/06
:D :D 8) :D :D

Posted by saradove11/29/06
I love thes kinds of teasers but I never get them. I always end up saying DUH. keep 'em coming!

Posted by jacstop11/29/06
I love this teaser! A refreshing bit of cleverness

Posted by if_i_may9411/29/06
~you had me stumped~ :o :lol: keep up the good work ~ :D 8) :roll: if_i_may94 :roll: 8) :D ~

Posted by bradon18200111/29/06
My, My, My. I hope Jenelle 74 feels better now. :o

Posted by cuteandditzy11/29/06
Nice play of words. Really liked it. :D

Posted by Blondie11611/29/06
Loved it! :wink:

Posted by breathesunshine11/29/06
Had a brain cramp on this one but it was fun anyway!

Posted by Qrystal11/30/06
That made me giggle!! What an awesome way to start the day. Thanks!!

Posted by Qrystal11/30/06
P.S. I wish I had "offensive" links available... zap certain people who deliberately give offense (i.e. by insulting). That's so different than giving one's opinion of a teaser.

Posted by vlerma11/30/06
I pushed that's offensive for you Crystal as I agree some people just don't know when to be quiet. Personally I thought it was a great teaser. More please :D

Posted by vlerma11/30/06
:oops: Excuse me Qrystal

Posted by doehead11/29/09
Way to many possible answers. So I have to rate this as a very por teaser!!! :( :( :(

Posted by doehead11/29/09
I should learn how to spell poor. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by UptheHill11/29/09
Nice1, Keep them coming!!!! :D 8) :lol:

Posted by pbwc1711/29/09
those were fun...didnt get any but it was still great :D

Posted by brucemcdon11/29/09
Doehead, what are some of the "way to many" possible answers?

Posted by auntiesis11/29/09
I only got the first one. :( :o :roll:

Posted by gaylewolf11/29/09
I didn't get any of them :roll: :oops: but I thought they were terrific! :D and funny!! :lol: thanks!

Posted by Barticus12/01/09
I couldn't get any but they are all good. Doehead, can you give an example of another answer?

Posted by Johnny12/01/09
The brainteaser wasn't the best It was sort of clever :o

Posted by Babe11/29/12
It would have ben nice had you explained the words were to rhyme. I found it to be lacking in expalations Sorry :( :evil:

Posted by spikethru411/29/12
Babe, the answers don't have to rhyme (these ones do, as it happens, but it's not necessary). They have to be spelt the same, but with a different first letter. The instructions are quite clear; maybe you didn't read them properly.

Posted by MonkeyMike11/29/12
3 years late, but in response to Barticus. Fear and Bear for the 2nd maybe?

Posted by cutebug11/29/12
Not my type of teaser Monkey,if you count the spaces your 4 letter answer doesn't fill 6 spaces. :D :D

Posted by jeRussell11/29/12
For number 1 how about go 'hither' over 'dither'?

Posted by HABS293311/29/12
I agree with doehead - there are a lot of possible answers for some of them. "Fear for a bear" was good, but "hope for a dope" made me laugh. I came up with "Think over drink" for the one that was given as "ponder over yonder".

Posted by jeRussell11/29/12
For #2 that shoud have been go 'dither' over 'hither'. For #3- A 'brain' with a 'drain". You can figure it out. ;)

Posted by spikethru411/29/12
jeRussell, nice try, but 'hither' means 'here'. You mean 'go dither over thither', which doesn't fit.

Posted by Maggiethe8th11/29/15
although I'd done this before, I still missed the middle one :oops: regardless, I enjoyed it! :D

Posted by cutebug11/30/15
Haven't seen this one since yesterday. These daily teasers are so bad lately. It is like reading the same newspaper over and over. Will the editors ever wake up ? :roll: :roll:

Posted by Zykezex11/30/15
Got it. At first I didn't think would, but all in all it didn't take much time and fun. :)


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