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Submitted By:im_para_noid
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:** (1.49)

You are enjoying your breakfast after having put some salt on your scrambled eggs when your nerdy brother presents you with an ice cube floating in a glass of water and a short length of string. He challenges you to remove the ice cube from the glass using the string without tying any knots. What strategy do you use to remove the ice cube from the water glass?


You can use other elements that are at your disposal besides the string.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Ember10/23/02
very nice. I had everything but the salt part

Posted by the_smart_one11/23/02
That was kinda easy since I love doing that. I knocked over my salt once over my glass filled with ice cubes, so that's how I knew this.

Posted by melrfaz11/25/02
why cant it be a nerdy sister?

Posted by Palsha11/26/02
I thought you could only use the string to get it out? Otherwise, you could have used lots more ways to get it out

Posted by doggyxp12/16/02
really easy, but good. I already knew this trick. it's in most science experiment books.

Posted by megan12/21/02
If you had to use the string only, ie. no salt, just place the string in the water, freeze the whole thing, then you can take the ice cube out.

Posted by im_para_noid12/21/02
yes, that might work, except how would you be able to freeze it if all you had was the string. No freezer, no snow no nothing except for the string.

Posted by doggyxp12/22/02
i learned that in kindergarten. oh well, you can please somebody all of the time, but you can't please verybody all of the time. something like that.

Posted by Gmoney-Gdog12/22/02
palsha, after u found out the answer, u could have looked at the hint, like i did. it said that u can use elements at your disposal other than the string, so u dont only have 2 use the string. gr8 1 para 8^)

Posted by scharfy01/12/03
ok, but why would you want to put some salt on your scrambled eggs i just put ketchup lots o ketchup

Posted by scharfy01/12/03
ok, but why would you want to put some salt on your scrambled eggs i just put ketchup lots o ketchup

Posted by jellybean01/31/03
I woulda drunk the water, put the string around the ice cube n scooped it out :P but then thats just me.. grate teaser im_para_noid

Posted by heather77706/07/03
I could swear that was on as told by ginger when my sister was watching it I saw that part

Posted by gerr2thegerr40611/16/03
There is another answer but it is kinda disgusting......I like this answer better was pretty interesting....... :P

Posted by yaya11/17/03
I learned this one when I was just a pup. :lol:

Posted by Golfman07201/03/04
Omeletes rules scrambled eggs drool. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by Poker08/10/04
I think this was all just a plot to give you a salty drink. :evil:

Posted by I_am_the_Omega11/16/04
Hehe.. i didn't even think about the salt. My idea was to heat the cup, so the ice started to melt... then put the string on it, and put it in the refrigerator, so the ice formed over the string, and then pull it out ^_^ Either that, or use the force.. :)

Posted by pianofox11/16/04
I have heard that a lot so it was sper easy to me. :roll:

Posted by Tiggr11/16/04
I'm sort of a science dork when it comes to certain things so, after about 10 seconds of thought...I got the answer. By the way...good one :wink:

Posted by passion11/16/04
this was a good one :wink: i knew it had something to do with the salt, after i read the hint, but i thought that the salt might get the string to stick on the ice cube. {not very intellegent, i know} :lol:

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere11/16/04
I didn't really like this one.. it was kinda good.. to logical though.. good job anyways!! :-? :)

Posted by kittykat679211/22/04
This is a good one! I enjoyed it and I think that it will help children that are in school. Keep up the good work!

Posted by username06/16/05
oh...that is really cool and interesting. i'll really have to try that sometime. great teaser!! :D :D

Posted by Bryko61406/18/05
nice and easy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Posted by RoboCop06/26/05
great teaser :lol: hope some more come in :D

Posted by marching_xc07/06/05
Why is the brother nerdy? THat's mean... But anyways that's clever, I should try it some time.

Posted by shenqiang09/25/05
good idea :D

Posted by Spark11/16/05
good teaser i really enjoyed it 8) :lol: :D

Posted by Samrat11/16/05
This was very easy. Its also quite an old trick. Neways keep more of these coming :P

Posted by katzmeow11/16/05
Wow, I had never heard this one before, and I got it! Yay me, LOL! I really enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work! :D

Posted by redraptor5011/16/05
Great one! :D As soon as I read it again and saw "salt" I knew the answer, only because this is the way I thaw out frozen meat! Keep these coming :D

Posted by bluehawk11/16/05
:D This was a good one Im para noid, very easy. The string and salt was a dead giveaway, it's something one would learn in K'garten :wink: . I enjoyed this one too much :lol: . great job Para noid. Keep them coming. 8)

Posted by bluehawk11/16/05
:x p.s. does it matter who the nerdy sibling was??????????? I think not!!!!!!! Get a life, no need to pick apart everything here in "BRAINGLE". Remember it' s just for 'Fun"!!!!!!!!! It's a entertaining "SITE" . Lets not forget that!!!!!!!!, SIGNED "BLUEHAWK" :roll: :D 8)

Posted by Brainy_111/16/05
I was going to use my fork that I was eating my eggs with or drink the water and dump the ice on the string! :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: But, I'm just that way! 8) Good science brain buster! Now, I'm hungry! :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Splatt11/16/05
Ooh, the fork. I never thought of that... Actually, the rules were not rigid enough and the short string's length was not defined. I would just have made an ice hammock with my string, gathered both ends and lifted it out. But all the different answers are fun. And why is it mean to say nerdy brother? I think nerds are cool and in fact, I prefer dating them to those... OTHER kinds of people. :lol:

Posted by bennyraw11/16/05
I just streched the string out and knocked the galss over.

Posted by lindquist_2511/16/05
LAME!!! Who doesn't know how to do that? :x

Posted by cassiemark11/16/05
I liked it! I did that in 3rd grade for a science presentation. Very cool! :P

Posted by Krypton11/16/05
Nothing in the challenge says you can't spill any water. Take the string, loop it around the glass and pull the glass over. It's a lot faster than waiting for the salt to work its magic.

Posted by kman61311/16/05
I'm a science nerd, so this was easy. But I love these types of trivia...

Posted by amyu0511/16/05
I'm all for using the force too!!! But thats just me and my oppinion!!! I like it, it was fun!!! My plan was confusing, long and drawnout!!! But mine also involved dumping the glass of water over the nerdy brother :lol: !!! Snaps for you!!!

Posted by lorelle_b11/16/05
haha...lemee guess you have a little brother and he asked you to do this? good challenge, however! i knew it had something to do with the salt, but i'm no scientist :oops:

Posted by estatemgr11/16/05
I did not find this one very entertaining, maybe it's too early in the morning for science. But, I give you thumbs up for adding the nerd. I love nerds! (In fact I married one!) :P

Posted by mischievousmiss11/16/05
Maybe I'm just new to all of this, but I thought it was a good one. Made me think!!

Posted by choptlivva11/16/05
Why not just dump all the salt in the water and wait for the ice to melt!!!! You can wrap the string around your finger (no knots!) to remind you to check back and see if the ice is melted!! :wink: :wink: This one was actually pretty easy ... but since so few parameters were given, it was fun to see all the "other" ways people came up with!! :D

Posted by beethovenswig11/16/05
easy but fun :D

Posted by Lady_Lani11/16/05
Great teaser. I also got this one, but it was still fun because it got me to think. Terrific job. 8)

Posted by Chaney3411/16/05
What about just using two fingers? This was stupid

Posted by srichardson106611/16/05
I liked it. I paid no attention in science class so the answer eluded me, although I knew it had something to do with the salt. Well done. :D

Posted by formation00711/16/05
Very nice teaser. Although i never got it, it was obvious that it had something to do with the salt. Oh and there is nothing in the question preventing me from directly taking the ice cube out with my hand. Since it is obvious you can not do that, it was a very good teaser and was a very informative and interesting fact. I certaily will be trying that tomorrow morning.

Posted by rkaaland11/16/05
Didn't quite think in that way but it definatly would work! :D

Posted by rookie11/16/05
Why can't we use the string to tip the cup over?

Posted by mrtickles11/16/05

Posted by realm234611/16/05
At first, I thought "{just pull it out with string", but i knew about the salt trick too. :D

Posted by realm234611/16/05
At first, I thought "{just pull it out with string", but i knew about the salt trick too. :D

Posted by realm234611/16/05
At first, I thought "{just pull it out with string", but i knew about the salt trick too. :D

Posted by leroy_h11/16/05
it was too hard for me. although i knew salt had something to do with it.

Posted by wizkid11/16/05
I totally got this one. Great teaser. :D

Posted by rootsradical2311/16/05
nice and easy just the way i like 'em!! :D :D :D

Posted by TheEarthling11/16/05
Relatively easy, but it was a fun teaser anyway.

Posted by shawneeo11/16/05
This was pretty easy for me, because I had heard of this and done it, although, it doesn't always work the way you want it too, sometimes the icecube doesn't stick long enough. If you can use other things that should be in the main body of the teaser, not in the hint, which is only read if you think you need it. Thanks, that was nice, I always appreciate these and those who write them. Some of you have been very mean and harsh in your comments about these teasers, STOP THAT! This is a family site and the teaser are written by members; it's mean and "little" to put people's efforts down so harshly. Thanks, I am paranoid! :roll: :roll: :roll: 8)

Posted by POPS11/16/05
SHOuld have got it :roll: BUT you got me :oops: I thought it had something to do with the salt but could not figure it out?????? :lol:

Posted by eabreu9211/16/05
i thought that one would have to reach in and grab the ice OR drink the water....oh well... :roll: :wink:

Posted by sln0311/16/05
I was thinking "pour out the water...duh!" Since it was a teaser, I thought it would have a dumb answer. That was way too scientific for an idiot like me! :lol: :oops:

Posted by mormangirl11/16/05
why cant you just put your hand in the glass and pull out the ice cube and the string in your hand

Posted by spoiled_rotten11/16/05
i wouldn't have used the string at all. my fork would work just as well. :-?

Posted by monkey9311/16/05
I like this one. I kinda knew how it worked though.

Posted by southerngirl1311/16/05
ok, 1st of all, since when are nerds cool? 2nd of all, I'm with the dude who said just reach in and grab it! I mean really! you ppl like to complicate things, don't you? :x

Posted by randomind22311/16/05
wow i got that right even without the hint!!!

Posted by southerngirl1311/16/05
i knew it had something to do with the salt (that other comment was a joke if you didn't already get that) but I couldn't tell what! LOL :oops: :( :lol:

Posted by southerngirl1311/16/05
hey.... anybody? how do you submit a teaser? I have one but I can't do anything with it... :-? totally wondering

Posted by meme255911/16/05
hey this would be a cool science fare project!

Posted by moimeme11/17/05
COOL! So many other commenters must have had really good science teachers.I had no idea about the salt. I thought of drinking the water, then using the string as a loop with a twist not a knot. Love the fork suggestion, with the string,almost unnecessary, holding cube on. :wink:

Posted by Radhika11/17/05
This was amazing. I guessed about the melting of the ice cube but u got me there with the method. I was even wondering that the salt might have a part in that but could not figure it out!!!On the whole I loved the teaser!!!! :D :roll: :roll:

Posted by Fame_Kraze11/17/05
ez ez ez ez ez just kidding tooooooo ez :roll:

Posted by Fame_Kraze11/17/05
u should know i'm not trying 2 b rude i'm just sayin what i think

Posted by asia9111/17/05
SUX 2 the fullest potential!!! ppl plz come up with something challenging yet funny ok!!! :-? CONFUSED

Posted by DaddyDublin1611/19/05
It really works!!! I had to try it after i read this!!! It WORKS!!! :D 8)

Posted by litt1eME11/27/05
good and easy.

Posted by hottiegurl9902/18/06
i got it, it was funny :lol:

Posted by Jerrythellama05/20/06
I was thinking let the ice melt, then soak up the water little by little and squeeze the water out. It would work too =D.

Posted by OldChinaHand11/17/06
Ah, the old wet string and salt on the ice cube trick. Good one. Nice to see it again. Thanks. 8)

Posted by cloughme11/17/06
Cool!!! Did it in Jr High Science class.

Posted by lmurray11/17/06

Posted by kistin1411/17/06
Very easy. But fun!

Posted by coachpisco11/17/06
In this case (I can't believe it) I agree with Imurray :(

Posted by aranara8911/17/06
I'm sorry but I have seen that riddle a million times. Not very original. :(

Posted by schmedley911/17/06
I have already seen this one. Sorry bout that. -Schmeldey9

Posted by puttumup11/17/06
:lol: :lol: that was fun. to easy tho :lol: :lol:

Posted by tpkarth11/17/06
Interesting.. for someone like me who forgot most of the science we learned at middle school...

Posted by nu_rob_roy11/17/06
Most interesting, someone with 'zero' teasers telling someone with over 75 approved teasers what make a good teaser. Makes one wonder... Teasers are for all levels, young and old alike, what's old and easy for one maybe new and challenging for others. It useful to look beyond one own nose from time to time, if one is able; pity if one can't. I liked this one. I'll use it and share with my kids. Thanks.

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/17/06
Some of these teasers ARE getting to be quite too easy.... :cry: and here I thought this site would tickle our minds. This teaser is just 2nd hand knowledge, to me. My apologies for sounding harsh, but my goodness!1 :roll:

Posted by Ginnykay11/17/06
I remember this one from the way back never,never. :roll: :lol:

Posted by asupmdr11/17/06
This is a repeat from quite some time ago.

Posted by scallio11/17/06
I knew the answer immediately, but I still loved it! I enjoyed the fun story and reading it reminded me that I could do this experiment with my kids. They'll love it! :D

Posted by PWT22711/17/06
Easy, simple science.

Posted by ciotog11/17/06
Entirely too contrived - if you can use other elements at your disposal, then you can do just about anything. I don't really like teasers that try to present interesting science in "teaser" form when the science doesn't readily conform.

Posted by ragdol1311/17/06
yeah because we all didn't learn that in second grade..... :roll:

Posted by Blondie11611/17/06
Loved it! :wink:

Posted by locutus13ds11/17/06
I seemed to remeber salt lowering the freezing point of water... so I knew it had to do with that.. good job :lol:

Posted by balrog11/17/06
Why wouldn't you just make a loop with the string and tip over the glass and the ice cube comes out. No stipulations were made on how to use the string or even if we needed to keep the water in the glass.

Posted by Punk_Rocker11/17/06
There doesn't need to be a semicolon in the teaser's answer; it doesn't fit. Just making you aware of that.

Posted by katie411/17/06
:D :P :P :roll: :) 8) :wink: :( :lol: :o just gotta love em

Posted by jabdr11/17/06
My, my. I'm surprised to read the comments from some normally rational, kindly users. It's a teaser guys! Not rocket science! Perhaps we should have a category called "mid-school science' then we can all enjoy and applaud a submitted and accepted teaser. (something I haven't tried) I liked it Mikey..I really liked it :)) :roll: :P

Posted by ngalvin11/17/06
So many of these comments make you sound like elitist snobs! chill out and enjoy the fact that there is something for everyone.

Posted by bradon18200111/17/06
First time I've seen this teaser, but I did figure it out kinda. :o

Posted by Musikman21211/17/06
I'm afraid I have to agree with lmurry too.

Posted by choptlivva11/17/06
This is more a question than a comment.... with more than 10,000 teasers on this site (according to the blurb), why IS it necessary to use an old one for the "Daily Teaser"? Just curious if any of the eds have an answer.... Irregardless tho..... I find the rude comments unnecessary. If it bores you because you've seen it before..... then go to the next one.

Posted by wordmama11/17/06
I am totally NOT a science person. I don't understand why the water would refreeze after melting; there is no mention of using the freezer. btw I AM a language person, and the semicolon is A-OK as used in the answer.

Posted by lindquist_2511/18/06
Really, how has someone not heard of that before?!

Posted by natureluver11/18/06
I've heard of that. Sorry. It's pretty famous. :)

Posted by blondebookworm11/18/06
cool teaser, but the salted eggs gave it away.

Posted by vlerma11/22/06
I too learned this a long time ago, but thank you for reminding me of fun with grandchildren. :D

Posted by Qrystal12/14/06
Hehe @ elitist snobs. You folks are hilarious, but please note I laugh at you not with you. HA HA! :) I knew this one really quickly too, from my experience as a nerdy science kid, so I cheerfully rated it as "easy" -- that's what that option is for, right? :P NERDS RULE! (Sometimes with a slide rule.)

Posted by CatsAreCute02/28/08
This is too easy, I learned this in Preschool! How is calling someone a nerd an insult, I take it as a compliment! :-?

Posted by gargph11/17/09
Well now I feel stupid xD Never knew this, and I'm in a gifted class?!?!?!

Posted by leroyleroy11/17/09

Posted by doehead11/17/09
Abe Lincoln and I learned this in 1st grade. Our teacher was Martha Washington. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by doehead11/17/09
I forgot to mention that SHANNMO has become the love of my life!!!!!! :P :P :P

Posted by shannmo11/17/09
i love ewe too

Posted by auntiesis11/17/09
I guess I must have heard this one before, because the answer poped right into my head. Very cute, especially for the kids. Thanks. :D :D :D

Posted by Jake1011/17/09
Ive done that before. :D

Posted by hubbamutt77711/18/09
Megan, i thought the same thing, just put the string partway below the water, then freeze the whole thing and pull the whole chunk of ice out. great teaser. -hubbamutt777

Posted by Babe11/17/12
That one is an oldie! :(

Posted by jaycr11/17/12
Imurrray and doehead have assaulted this one before. :wink: :lol: :lol:

Posted by HABS293311/17/12
This teaser is old, both the teaser itself and its appearance on Braingle, the comments go back more than 10 years. To borrow a line from Doehead AROB! I implore whomever is responsible for choosing the "Teaser of the Day" please pick among some of the more recently submitted material.

Posted by cutebug11/17/12
Happy 11th birthday to this extremely easy teaser. Nice play of words jaycr And habs nailed it also. :D :D


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