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Submitted By:jake101
Fun:*** (2.32)
Difficulty:* (0.58)

Put on a blindfold and move one meter to the right.
Then 3 quarters of a meter left.
And finally 1 half meter to the west.

What would you see?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by ga_z11/20/02
It had me fooled...

Posted by angel1111/21/02
I think that was the easiest teaser i've ever read.

Posted by speedyg100012/03/02
would have been trickier if there was more detail. i f you said there was something ahead of you, or at least had us know which way west was (it made it completely irrelevant, making the whole moving thing irrelevant, which lead us straight to the answer)

Posted by speedyg100012/05/02
so you just assume you're facing north?

Posted by speedyg100012/15/02
Y r u saying that 2 me?

Posted by jimbo03/22/03
Anyone see that coming?

Posted by scharfy03/28/03

Posted by holes41804/14/03
It was easy so maybe if you add a bit more to the problem it'd trick a couple more people

Posted by amqrcl03/29/04
uh.....der, der, der :roll:

Posted by Mogmatt1606/28/04
blackness? :roll:

Posted by sissy24511/05/05
I was close (I said "the inside of the blindfold :D ) I liked it.

Posted by Warstar06/11/06
wouldnt u run into something and knock urself out

Posted by 4demo07/28/06
That was really easy, although I suppose there could have been a hole in the blindfold, or it was a really thin white one, and you could see outlines or light.

Posted by flowers223403/09/08
i forgot about the blindfold. i got fooled! aaaaaaahahahahahaha :o :roll: :lol: :evil: :P :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by KarateGirl09809/24/08
Very easy. Good teaser, though.

Posted by harrypotternerd04/05/09
a bit too easy :-? sorry!

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
Or my computer screen.


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