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Submitted By:ElectronJohn
Fun:*** (2.31)
Difficulty:**** (3.1)

I am 200% of a penny, 25% nickel, 118.4% of a dime, 111.4% of a quarter, and 10% of a half dollar. What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by electronjohn11/18/02
Hey everyone, I was just wondering, did anyone solve this one? Did I make it too hard? Should I have added some other clues to make it more solvable? Sorry if it seems unfairly hard. :-(

Posted by stonemug11/19/02
Good one, I liked it.

Posted by dewtell11/27/02
Yes, I think it was too hard. It would be one thing if all the percentages were based on a common feature or measure, but having them all on different scales (and most of them rather obscure) makes it hard to discern the pattern. I did a web search based on the hint to find out what happened in 1938, found the specified answer, and couldn't see how it fit the problem.

Posted by Codammanus02/11/03
Let me say first that you have to put effort into a teaser like that. Therefore only with effort can a person dissect and solve it. I, myself did not put in the effort, so I can't complain. Neither should you. There is no such thing as "too hard" of a teaser. That's why they are called BRAIN teasers. Accept you limitations sometimes, and say "too hard FOR YOU" rather than just "too hard." Besides, "If it can be conceived by man, it can be conquered by man."

Posted by electronjohn02/12/03
Good points Codammanus.

Posted by jimbo05/02/03
I had the basic idea behind it but we non-Americans simply don't know enough about you coins. When you said 200% of a penny I figured that maybe there is some coin called "2 bits" or something. It was an interesting idea but without some coins to at least measure, I would have to do too much research to finish it.

Posted by SPUTNIK210/03/06
it was a great teaser, but I got to admit it was to hard for me. I was on the right track. :) thanks

Posted by ElectronJohn11/27/07
The hint should read 69 years now.

Posted by Frada8D10/29/09
I think I would've understanded the answer if I was American. Facinating teaser though!

Posted by ElectronJohn10/29/09
The hint should now read 71 years.

Posted by MusiK12/28/09
wow this one takes quite some knowledge and thinking :]


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