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Hand in Hand

Submitted By:ElectronJohn
Fun:*** (2.22)
Difficulty:*** (3.08)

Can you figure out a meaning for the following sentence?

Hand a hand a hand a hand and hand a hand a hand a hand.

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Posted by speedyg100011/29/02
can someone clarify that? I am compeeetely lost

Posted by electronjohn12/02/02
OK let me try to explain it better. ‘Hand’ can mean pass as in ‘hand me that pen’(call this meaning hand1). ‘Hand’ can also mean a hired worker (the answer has a typo, hire should be “hired”, sorry) as in ‘the rancher hired five more hands to round up the cattle’ (call this meaning hand2). ‘Hand’ can also mean a fingered appendage as in ‘I have two feet and two hands’ (call this meaning hand3). ‘Hand’ is also a unit of measure equal to four inches as in ‘the large black horse was 18 hands tall’(call this meaning hand4). ‘Hand’ can also mean the five cards a poker player is dealt as in ‘when playing poker the player with the best hand wins’(call this meaning hand5). So if we add the right meanings to the sentence we get the following; Hand1 a hand2 a hand3 a hand4 and hand1 a hand2 a hand5 a hand4. In other words it is saying move your hand (hand3) a short distance to the hired worker and pass him a poker hand (hand5) that same distance. Clear as day. Hand a hand a hand a hand and hand a hand a hand a hand.

Posted by speedyg100012/02/02
oooohhh.... pass a hired worker a hand four inches and pass a hired worker a poker hand four inches. I get it..... thanx a lot. its all clear. (btw, good riddle)

Posted by Codammanus02/11/03
Perplexed as I don't know what. But you gotta love it. It's why we visit.

Posted by Rowsdower12/13/03
Whatever you ingested or inhaled to think this one up, Can I have some? :o Fun teaser.

Posted by seanlandrews08/29/06
Uhhh! Wow!! Huh!!!

Posted by lukeschett01/17/07
Uh... *drool* :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?


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