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Necromania Commission

Submitted By:ElectronJohn
Fun:*** (2.55)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

Why are these words grouped together?

Necromania Commission
Boycott Dollars
Subchapter Fundamentals
Seasonable Molasses
Tamale Unfulfilled
Marmalade Gallon

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Palsha11/27/02
Good one, I was stumped on this one.

Posted by speedyg100011/27/02
i've never heard "fille" before. that was hard!

Posted by stonemug11/29/02
Good one, you stumped me.

Posted by Piffle11/29/02
good one. at first i couldn't understand the answer when i read it, and then I realized i was reading the hint. stupid me.

Posted by bluetwo12/04/02
Excellent teaser! I think I must have always gotten "fille" confused with the slang "filly" (which is also just slightly less politically correct, lol!). Learn something new, eh?

Posted by MrIxolite12/22/02
Brilliant! Stumped me totally

Posted by owieswheels12/26/02
Good one! It really stumped me but it really made sense when I read the answer. Two thumbs up!!!

Posted by doggyxp12/28/02
speedydog, fille is the french word for girl.

Posted by Jenna01/18/03
You stumped me! Good one!

Posted by Codammanus02/09/03
Overall good teaser. Hint made it less of a challenge. ("Hidded Within" made me automatically look for words inside of words. The opposites showed up easily). I did learn some new terms though!

Posted by WhAcKo104/30/03
niiiiiiiice!!! :-)

Posted by smarty_blondy09/09/05
Very well done and congratulations on a great teser. :D

Posted by daveyfitz05/23/15
Stumped me too, though I disagree with "doll" being a feminine word.


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