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What do you put in a toaster?

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Posted by bluetwo12/02/02
am i wrong if i said "bagels"? ;)

Posted by electronjohn12/02/02
What about a metal fork? j/k don't try that at home kids!

Posted by speedyg100012/07/02
hey i said toast. call me stupid if you wish, geniuses

Posted by Bobbrt12/08/02
There's a great Calvin and Hobbes comic where they make some toast, but they both end up confused, asking "yeah, but where did the bread go?" I think Calvin would get the answer to this teaser wrong.

Posted by speedyg100012/08/02
Calvin and Hobbes Rock!!!!!! I love that one. I love all of them, actually.

Posted by speedyg100001/21/03
im playing that one on all my firiends now. thanks for the joke!

Posted by angie02/05/03
At my house we don't use the word "toast" because English is my moms' 2nd language. We just call it bread even after it's toasted.

Posted by inudbz03/17/03
they go in a toaster oven

Posted by speedyg100003/19/03
did u no that theres a warning on pop-tarts packages that sez not to put them in the microwave? i always wondered what would happen if u did.

Posted by beanie8908/10/03
Don't feel bad. I put a pop tart in the microwave once too. It's not a pretty picture!

Posted by deadeye82304/29/05
I was just gomma submit this teaser, but you beat me to it! :lol:

Posted by summachick08/16/05
ummmmmm.................. Bagels, wafles, and pop tarts

Posted by puppygirl121308/17/05
At first i said toast then i looked at what catagory teaser is in and i said bread. Good one :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by Smart_Alex04/24/06
Someone told me this one before, and I answered toast. Had you been the first one, I wouldn't gotten the answer wrong.

Posted by calmsavior05/11/06
i think i saw this on this 'ed edd and eddy' cartoon a long time ago.

Posted by OldChinaHand10/02/06
Many things except butter knives. 8)

Posted by flowers223403/09/08
haha! i said toast :oops:

Posted by luckylefty03/28/08
Pop tarts :D

Posted by gottalovetacsc12/05/08
HAHA I said toast! WOW! :lol: :roll:

Posted by zero0darkness02/26/09
I've hear this one before, but when it was told to me they had me say toast like 7 times then asked.

Posted by grilled_cheese305/30/09
i said a metal fork. dont try this at home! whoa! electric wave!!!! :wink:

Posted by Flamey50001/05/10
Too easy.. I always eat toasted bread for breakfast.

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
pop tarts :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!! I got this right only because my friend Annika told me this before. I love that feeling you get when you get a right right and realize that some people got it wrong. No offense to you people who got it wrong. I just love feeling smart on Braingle because I am actually really smart in real life but on Braingle everyone else is really smart too so then on Braingle even though I won 5 awards on awards day at my school whenever I'm on Braingle I feel really stupid, which is why I look at Trick teasers since I'm good at them so anyway. I got this right :D :D :D . I am very sorry if I offended the people who got it wrong. I love trick teasers!!!;) OK, I'm just gonna leave now, peoplz. ~Gigi

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
When I said right right I meant teaser right. Am I acting likeIhadtoomuchcoffee?????? CauseIdidn'tokay?? OKAY????? *deeeeeeep breathhh* If you think I'm funny go to beyonce123.ciom. And yes I meant ciom instead of com cause it sounds Italian. ciom, ciao same thing.

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
For anyone who actually believed my previous comment therre is no such thing as beyonce123.ciom or com.

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
Oh yeah I almost forgot, good teaser!!

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10
I'm gonna go now.

Posted by beyonce12306/07/10

Posted by Candyhook01/13/11
I said bread, but I thought it wasnt the answer because its so obvieous . Great teaser! :D :D :D :D :lol:


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